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Default Re: Best Wishes is the best Pokemon Series and X/Y is the worst

Originally Posted by Hikanearylup View Post
May is my 2nd favourite PokeGirl. She is a great character and I would say she is the 2nd best PokeGirl in terms of character development and goal journey.

I feel her dislike for Pokemon was one-dimensional as they didn't explain about it much.
She was the first traveling companion to really have her own goals, IMO. May had more of a set goal than Misty and Brock, to win Contests and be a Coordinator. I really liked the Contest-focused episodes.

I really need to see more of S6 again, I mostly watched S7 and S8 when it came to Hoenn. I do remember May not liking Pokémon at first. That seemed to change when she met her adorable Torchic, though. xD The kid in movie 7 had much more of a valid reason to not want to be around Pokémon. With May it seemed a bit tacked on.
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