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Default Re: The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

I'm genderfluid (but usually they/her) and pan.

I think it's something you can't really be wrong about- if you feel something about your gender, even vaguely, it's a feeling worth chasing. Even if you have mild gender dysphoria at most, finding where you feel best with gender and embracing it can bring a lot of happiness and comfort into your life that wasn't there before. The only real risks come from other people being shitty, and it's pretty unfulfilling (and even horrific) to let that dictate every aspect of your identity. Anecdotally there's rough patches that come with it, but they're worth the trouble in the end.

(also I don't know how hot of a take this is, but I think some thread necromancy is warranted- this forum is going a lot slower than it was when I was a teen, and that's not really going to get fixed unless people start posting again. Most threads have their last post months to years ago, and it seems like that's a problem that'd feed itself)
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