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Default Re: Third-Party Party Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by Negrek View Post
Ugh, totally misled by the fact that Jack hadn't been online in ages. =/ I don't know whether he actually hadn't been paying attention and then just happened to show up in order to shoot ZM, or whether he'd actually been watching the game logged out or something, but thaaaaat ended up being a huge problem. If only Gzhoom'd told people who he'd targeted and they'd gotten a quick vote in before Jack remembered the thread!

So congratulations... nobody... and good game! And thanks for GMing, MF. I really enjoyed the flavor for this one.
Thaaaat was me, actually. I prodded JackPK about whether he'd forgotten about this game by any chance, hoping that since he supposedly had a gun, maybe he could convert me before the end of the day. Didn't work out that way!
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