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Default Trinket Vs. Shy: It's Not Vandalism If It Involves Pokemon

Originally Posted by shy ♡ View Post

Format: 1 vs 1, single
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, attract, direct recovery moves
Arena Description: playground
ur in a playground, man. there's a swingset and a sandbox and monkeybars and one of those fancy slide things and p much anything u can think of that should exist in a playground. it looks like this

Two trainers are having a nice walk together, catching up on each other's lives, and generally having a good time. The sidewalk they walk on turns into low-quality mulch as the duo realizes something.

They just entered a motherfucking playground. And it's one of the good ones, with swings and stuff. This would be an absolutely awesome place to have a battle.

A few parents panickedly drag their children away from the impending death-creature battle.

pathos vs Trinket

pathos's active squad

monferno Blood on Fire the male Monferno <Blaze> @ Lucky Egg
ivysaur Papayawhip the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Lucky Egg
ralts Billy Bell the male Ralts <Synchronize>
marshtomp Starbuck the female Marshtomp <Torrent>
porygon2 tetris the genderless Porygon2 <Download> @ Dubious Disc
wartortle Tinkle the female Wartortle <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg
pichu Tsiot the female Pichu <Static> @ Soothe Bell
dratini Zohar the female Dratini <Shed Skin> @ Lucky Egg
magby Lehava the female Magby <Flame Body> @ Lucky Egg

Trinket's active squad

luxio Zosma the male Luxio <Intimidate>
deerling-autumn Jazz the female Deerling (Autumn Form) <Serene Grace>
zigzagoon Pascal the male Zigzagoon <Gluttony> @ Lucky Egg
fennekin Hazel the male Fennekin <Magician> @ White Herb
meowstic-f Vinnie the female Meowstic (Female) <Infiltrator>
eevee Haley the male Eevee <Anticipation> @ Soothe Bell
glameow Minnie the female Glameow <Own Tempo>
pichu Vega the female Pichu <Static>

A referee shows up, called by one of the duo's Überef app. He bangs his shin on one of those hexagon platforms making up a bridge and mutters under his breath. The things he'd do for good reviews.

Shy sends out first, then Trinket sends out and commands, then Shy commands.
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