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Default Pokemon Crystalis, a Crystal romhack

I've been working on this off and on for a bit as a pet project, and figure I should link it here! Just in case anyone checks.

Here it is!

It plays on any GBC emulator, and should be compatible with regular Pokemon Crystal save files if you really wanted to use one for some reason. I emulate it on my phone, personally.

The underlying philosophy of this romhack is to leave it playably a main series Pokémon game, simplistic difficulty and all. Encounters are adjusted so that all Pokémon will be available in multiple areas, with as few unfeasibly low appearance rates as possible. As such, there is no intention of releasing a separate document detailing full appearance lists.

Major Changes

So many Pokémon locations and level-up movesets.
Ghost is now a Special type and Dark is Physical.
Poison is super-effective against Bug, just as it was in gen I.
Many pokemon have had their base stats adjusted!
Trade evolutions can be obtained by either using the item required or by levelling up: 28 for alakazam, 36 for machamp, and 33 for golem and gengar.
Absorb is now base power 40, Mega Drain 60, and Giga Drain and Leech Life are 80.
The Fairy type is here! The two damaging fairy moves are Fairy Wind and Moonblast.
Growth and Kinesis now affect stats by two levels.
The moves Captivate and Fake Tears have been added.
Egg moves have been updated! All PCNY event moves should be obtainable, as are egg moves added in later games.
Psywave has been removed and replaced with Silver Wind.
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