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Default Some Kind of Duality

Hi! If you've been following my tumblr, you might have noticed all the DnD stuff! Telecod is great. You may also have noticed something I dubbed "The AU-ddan Chronicles", which is almost a role-swap of canon: my cleric is toting around a possibly-malevolent goddess, and her sort-of-girlfriend is tagging along for the entire ride because she's fascinated and also fucking hates Khyta for using the poor girl as a meat puppet. Also Dave from Morphic is there, but that's true of the campaign in general, hehe.

I wrote p much all of the already-extant ones (all four) on mobile, which for the most part means the occasional typo and weird formatting. Putting them on here - with a good title, even! - gave me an excuse to properly edit them! So if you saw these on tumblr, you might notice the occasional tweak for continuity, like the entire convo at the end of this one.

So enjoy this disaster and inconsistent divider lines! As said I have like four of these so far and a fifth in the making. Most of these don't have subtitles. Whoops!


Wynn was used to how temples make her feel now. The abandoned ones feel cold, leaving the taste of rust and stone in her mouth. Blegh. The occupied ones depend on the deity they serve; her own, Lhira’s temples, make her feel giddy and light, like some sort of otherworldly breeze. She’s been to others, ones that taste of seawater, feel like a smoldering fire, make her wanna curl up and take a nap.

This one, though? It doesn’t feel cold, and the air doesn’t taste weird, but it doesn’t quite have the same thrum of life that the other active temples had. No, just a faint warm feeling, deep in her core, the faintest spark of…something.

This has to be it. She knew it was out there!

She pushes the doors open with all her might, slipping inside the second the opening was clear enough. She takes a moment to regain her strength: being a dwarf was nice in terms of stamina, but for Lhira’s sake, those doors were heavy!

She presses onwards. The temple looks…oddly well-kept. Sure, it’s a little dusty, but most of the temples she explored were either crumbling or turned into monster nests. This one? Everything’s still intact!

Well, the easier it is to explore, she supposes.

Nothing too complex, this one, just follow your heart! Literally, in fact; the little spark grew if she went the right way. Lhira guiding her along! Sweeeeet, she was gonna be world-renowned! Lhira’s best cleric ever!

And there it is. Rested on a small altar in the deepest recesses of the temple, a shining blue sapphire. (Oh, it was definitely Lhira’s, it’s blue, it’s gotta be!) She approaches the altar, keeping an eye out for traps…nope, none. What? Alright, that’s a little spooky…

Meh, easy to reclaim then! And her mentor said she’d need more “experience”. Hah!

She takes the sapphire in hand, fiddling with the gold chain it was attached to. A necklace, huh? A pretty one, at that. The other Joydancers were gonna be delighted!

But she can’t just leave it in her bag, no…pickpockets and thieves abound, and what kind of shitty cleric would let their Precious Artifact get stolen from right under her nose? No, she should wear it. Just to be safe.

She slips it over her head, and the chain suddenly tightens. It’s not choking her, but it won’t budge. What in Lhira’s name…

Her head feels like it’s about to split open.

She can feel the same spark she felt earlier, concentrated on that necklace, and the world around her seems to fade…

She comes to, and she can see everything again, but something still doesn’t feel quite right…Her body moves seemingly of its own accord, glancing down at herself, and she hears her own voice…

“Well, I suppose this one will HAVE to do.”

“Ummm….” Wynn can’t speak, it’s as if she’s locked out of her own body, but the voice responds all the same.

Oh, right, you’re here. No matter, just let me handle things from here on out.”

“And you are….”

“Khyta. Goddess of light, yadda yadda yadda, sealed away without getting all Her power.”

“Khyta…” Wynn searches her brain for why that sounds familiar, and she suddenly sees flames and devastation. “Oh no. Oh nononono. This won’t work.”

“Well, it has to. You’re stuck with Me till I Ascend.” And with that, Wynn can feel herself getting pushed back into control.

“I mean,” she says aloud, “I’m a cleric of Lhira, and I’m-”

“Oh, HER. No matter, we can deal with that.”

“No, because your followers have been destroying my Lady’s temples.”

Wynn can hear a long, drawn out sigh in her head. “They’re idiots. They don’t have any concept of what My will is. ‘Your Lady’ will understand.”

Wynn tries to wrench the necklace off, but to no avail. She can hear laughter in her head. “Oh, honey, it’s not moving. Nice try.”

Oof. This was really gonna complicate her search for the relic…


“What’s with the eyes?” Wynn’s eyes immediately flash, reverting to their natural hazel from the piercing gold that signaled Khyta was in control. She stops, eyes wide.

“Gift from my dear goddess, of course! Hehe…”

The wizard continues to scowl at her, murmuring “Lhira’s fucking blue.”

Wynn sheepishly grins, fidgeting with her holy symbol. If they know, that’ll surely be the death of her…and she really doesn't want that amulet in the hands of a Khytist. Play it cool…

She catches the eye of the very pretty sorceress who was accompanying them. The elf - Ruby, that’s her name - smiles warmly.

She can hear the booming Goddess voice in her head: “GO TALK TO HER, YOU PATHETIC GIRL. GOOD GODS.”

She rolls her eyes and draws her mace. Talk later; now, they fight.
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