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Default Re: Some Kind of Duality

Part Three: in which there is a library, and more Ruby, and a troll of a goddess, and someone really needs to make a move, dammit.


Look, Wynn just wanted to accompany her crush–er, Ruby to the library. Studying’s hard, yo, and having someone to help you look for things is great.

You know what would be nicer? If Khyta would stop echoing GOOOOO TO THE LIBRARYYYYYYYY in her head like some perverse ghost. What the fuck, Khyta, good gods.

She was going anyway, Khyta, chill! Ruby needs info on what the things that nearly killed Wynn are, and as much as Wynn really doesn’t want to think about them, it will probably help them out in the long run.

They make it to the library and the second the doors open, Wynn hears it: LET ME RESEARCH LET ME RESEARCH FOOLISH GIRL

Wynn shrugs it off and follows Ruby, helping the sorceress pick out a book and settling down at a table. And ignoring the COME ON LET ME RESEARCH pounding through her head. This is okay. This is fine. This is honestly the most normal she’s felt since that amulet found its way to her.

And of course the minute she thinks that, her vision suddenly cuts out and all she can hear is her Not-Voice.

“Not THAT one, not that one, ugh…”

Wynn tries to communicate: UM…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

Khyta decidedly ignores her, but has apparently stopped criticizing the books.

It’s a few more minutes of silence on Khyta’s part—and the rest of the world, honestly—before her vision suddenly blinks into existence, and now there’s a pile of books on the floor and a very unsettled Ruby, muttering “don’t throw them on the floor Khyta they are to be RESPECTED.”

“Sorry…” Wynn murmurs. She moves to clean them up, but Ruby stops her.

“I got them, just check what your roommate left us.”

Wynn checks the table, and lo and behold, a…map? A map of the area, with an x marking…something?

“Maybe she’s trying to help me find my relic?” Wynn muses, though she really doesn’t believe it.

Ruby nods; they’ve discussed the mystery relic Wynn was searching for, as it was a fairly important part of how Wynn got the godsforesaken amulet in the first place.

And suddenly the gold creeps back into her vision. OH COME ON, Wynn chastises from inside her own head.

“Perhaps a bit later, I might help our dear cleric friend,” Khyta says. “But for now, this is a quest all my own.”

“One of your temples, perhaps?” Ruby wonders aloud.

“I believe so. I do hope our dear friend can handle the power I will obtain…”

Ruby frowns, presumably mulling over exactly what that means in her head. Wynn groans internally.

“Alright, alright, girl, I’m done now, nothing left to find. No need to rush me along…” The gold recedes from Wynn’s vision and she is suddenly exhausted.

“Wynnie!!!” Ruby dashes over to her. “Are you okay?”

Wynn nods. “I was lucky enough to observe everything that time.”

“That time?” Ruby looks genuinely concerned. “Does she lock you out often?!”

“Not usually. She used to at night sometimes—“

“Yeah, I had to tell her to stop coming on to me.”

“What?! Oh my god is THAT why she was groaning incessantly for a week?!”

Ruby giggles. “Soooo, we got our temple, we got our footprints, on we go?”

Wynn nods. “Though I think I’d like to nap for an hour…or seven….oh gods I think I’m gonna miss An’s party…”

She defiantly ignores the booming YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE ACCEPTED IN THE FIRST PLACE in her head.

“Alright, let’s get some rest, Wynnie. It’s been a long few days.”
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