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Default Re: Some Kind of Duality

Part Five: Sidekick Confessionals 2 (aka it's ruby's POV again)

In which everything happens so much, Dave is not only there but a very important part, CERTAIN goddesses REALLY need to pay attention to time and place, and I stg I will die for the "Khyta is Chaotic Good actually" theory. Also I WROTE MORE THAN THE GOOP OF LAST CHAPTER?????


The dining room of the inn is bustling. Most of the party is there; the only ones missing are Dave and An. Ruby leads in her dear cleric, whose face is incredibly, incredibly red.

If no one saw them on the way out of the library, Ruby basically holding up Wynn post-Khyta-info-dump, they certainly now would figure out that they were…oh, they never did clarify that.

Well, in Ruby’s mind, they are girlfriends. And that is that.

No one really seems to take notice—Larry takes off to do…something, Stieletta is being her usual prissy self and making pained faces at Flavia and her hat collection, Mistil seems to have fully embraced her new role as hat stand. The only exception is Fred.

He provides them with scented candles, insisting, “No, no, don’t worry, I have 98 left!”

Ruby is too frightened to ask. Who needs that many scented candles…

Dinner proceeds as usual, no one looks bewildered at Wynnie basically shoveling food into her mouth (to combat the immense energy drain of the constant Khyta switching…at least Ruby thinks that’s why), and they’re genuinely enjoying themselves, even as they hear Larry and doggo interrogate a member of the bandit tribe they’re hunting down.

A stranger sits down at the table—a bard, apparently—and asks to join their merry band. Ruby is skeptical—who just strolls up to a random table at an inn and asks to join them in adventuring??—but Wynnie is more than happy, talking about Lhira and blushing when he compliments her eyes. (Still hazel, Ruby doesn’t need to look. It’s pretty easy to tell who’s in control just by how they talk.)

Wynnie seems genuinely happier than she has since Ruby met her. So the bard passes her test for now. Just lay off the eyes, buster.

And suddenly Dave comes tearing past, stopping for a brief moment to tell Wynnie to fuck off before he rushes into the inn proper. He reappears a few moments later, robes changed for some reason?, and seats himself at the bar.

Looks like he’s having a rough night.

Wynnie looks perplexed more than sad; she knows how Dave is (“a grumpy-gills with deity issues”, in her own words). She shrugs and goes back to picking at what’s left of her food (not much).

It’s when Dave comes back, robes green and emitting a new record of fucks, and sits down at the bar that it all goes to shit.

Ruby, Wynnie and Mistil make their way there, slowly. They take seats at the bar; Dave glares at Wynnie, but says nothing.

“What happened?” Mistil asks (thank Khyta she’s here, voice of reason and a—did she just invoke Khyta in her head? Dear gods.)

“Don’t fucking ask.” Dave takes a swig of whatever the bartender has decided to destroy him with. “Just go, it’s not a good idea for you to be around me right now, anyway. Just fuck off.” He casts another glance towards Wynnie—Ruby can see his eyes widen briefly before he turns, seemingly panicked, towards the door when someone walks in.

Ruby tries this time: “Dave, what happened? You’re our teammate, you have to tell us.”

Wynnie says nothing; she’s said before that she knows she generally tends to be a nuisance to Dave more than anything.

Dave turns back to them, still visibly panic-stricken, and hisses, “I fucking killed a guy. There, you happy?! Fuck off.”

The rest of the party crowds around.

Wynnie gasps. Ruby can see gold flicker in her eyes briefly, before the cleric shakes it off. “…how?” Her voice is lower than normal—not to the same level as Khyta tends to be, but definitely not the usual high-pitched sing-song quality it usually has.

“I don’t know! My fucking friend got us into a fight, and I accidentally killed someone. Fuck.” He mutters something to himself; Ruby can pick up “gold-robed fucking—“ before he seemingly cuts himself off.

He picks up his head and turns to Wynnie, glaring at her. “Your eyes.”

Still hazel, Ruby notes. What was he—no. Oh no no no.

She tries to derail him, but Wynnie cuts her off. “Gift from my goddess, like I said!”

Her hands are shaking. Poor thing. This isn’t how Ruby wanted this conversation to happen.

Dave lets out a single, harsh laugh. “Lhira’s fucking blue. Why would she give you gold ones?” He turns back to his drunk. “Fucking Khytist.”

“Khytist?” Mistil’s eyebrows furrow. “Can’t say I’ve heard the term before…”

Ruby turns to look at Wynnie and sees the hazel-gold swirl in her panic-stricken eyes…just like in the library that morning, cleric and goddess dueling for control.

For the sake of everyone here, Ruby hopes her Wynnie wins.

Wynnie’s current mental power struggle doesn’t seem to escape Dave, either. A sense of recognition seems to pass over his face, and the glare on his face grows even more intense. “Yeah. Fuck your god, fuck the rest of you Khytists…” He trails off for a moment before pointing accusingly at Wynnie.

“or, rather, fuck you. Right, Khyta?”

Oh gods no.

The gold fills Wynnie’s eyes now, and the Golden Goddess Herself speaks: “THE KHYTISTS DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!”

Well, that’s reassuring, somewhat, but maybe don’t reveal yourself to the entire godsforesaken inn?

The next few moments are a rush of things—Larry draws a sword, Fred nearly faints, Mistil is amazingly unperturbed, and when Wynnie comes back to herself she looks like she’s about to cry.

“Let’s go back to the room, Wynnie,” Ruby begins, but the cleric shakes her head.

“I can’t just leave them with all that and no explanation!” She sighs and tries to begin her tale of godly woe—

But no, now the guards are here and Larry set the inn on fire????

Fred is the first to succumb to the smoke, Larry scooping him and Dave off their feet and running.

Wynnie is the next. She falls to the ground, coughing and still sputtering out short little bursts of phrase whenever she can catch her breath. “I’m so sorry” and “I didn’t want to—“ and “I just—“ before they cut out entirely.

Ruby doesn’t even think, just lifts the dwarf and carries her out of town as fast as her feet will take her. The party follows—er, most of them. But An, Stieletta and the bard will find them eventually….right?


When Fred comes to, he tells them that they can stay in his village until everything blows over.

When Wynnie comes to, her eyes are golden.

Before Ruby can say a single thing, the goddess mutters, “She’s fine, just saving her a bit of pain.”

“Huh. Oddly considerate of you.”

She laughs hoarsely. “As much as the girl likes to call me ‘Golden Bitch,’ I’m not that horrible a headmate.”

Dave, nearby, mutters, “Knew she wasn’t a Lhiran cleric.”

“She is,” Ruby cuts in. “Khyta took advantage of her.”


“What’s your beef with her anyway?! She’s just trying to do her job...”

Dave laughs. “Lhira’s bullshit. All the gods are. She didn’t stop my temple from burning down, did she?”

Khyta barks back, “I NEVER ASKED THEM TO DO THAT.”

Then the gold blinks out of Wynnie’s eyes. She stares at Dave in horror, whispering “I...I’m so sorry...”

They keep walking, far far from the city as the inn blazes in the distance. The next time Ruby checks, Wynn is outright asleep, the exhaustion of the past day finally catching up with her.

But other than Dave (however justified he may be) and the whole sword thing, no one really seemed angry or upset about Khyta? Those who were functional seemed...okay with it?

Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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