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Default Re: Dreams~

Last night I had a weird dream about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, probably because I had been playing for several hours before I went to sleep.

At first, it looked like I was just playing the game, but it went in and out of a sort of first-person view, like a shooter. I was Toon Link, and I was trying to beat these bosses that I swear I have never seen before. The first was like a gigantic Geodude, but it was a liquid Geodude. It had veins and these giant muscles, and creepy eyes. He was a really hard boss and his HP went all across the screen. The stage was like an underground rock tunnel. When I finally beat him, someone (I think) told me that there were more bosses until I could "beat" the game.

The first one was this guy that looked like Buu from Dragon Ball. There were diamonds levitating around him, and he just stayed in one place. The stage was some kind of diamond cavern. I remember clearly that there were three thingies (they looked like parts of Samus' armor) across the room. I threw them up at him and he died instantly.

The next one was exactly like the previous one, except instead of Buu, there was this random geek. I don't remember much about the fight, except that it was quite hard.

After this, the whole dream went into complete first person. I was walking around with every Smash Bros. character (I think). Apparently we were searching for the "final boss". We went into this passage that was constructed completely of trees or tree trunks, but it had low walls. The whole passage felt like a mini golf course... o_o At the end of it, there was a little room (the whole thing had no roof), and then I saw this rattlesnake. Mario and Kirby were in front looking at it. The door to the passage closed. I seriously thought the snake was going to bite us and kill us. There were other rooms, but it was no good hiding in there because the doors were like bathroom stalls and the snake(s) could just come under there. I think somehow I got over the wall and ran like hell back to town for help, because Ganondorf was dying of snake bite.

The town was completely deserted and full of stores that were in a mall that had closed long ago. I just ran back to the passage, and there was an army of schoolgirls who looked like Kagome from Inuyasha. Apparently they were trying to help us.

The End. I woke up.
Of course I have odd/creepy dreams every night, so this is only a little sample. It's too bad I forget most of them, some were pretty interesting.

EDIT: Just remembered the end. I was in my living room, but the paint and colors were all different, and the table was replaced by a hot tub. There was this weird emo kid smoking on the couch, who is apparently an expert on games. I was going to ask him if the snakes were the final boss. I kept trying to ask him, but there was music playing and there were girls in the hot tub all talking at once. He couldn't hear me, so he left. The girls were saying something, but I can't rememeber it. I think they were insulting another girl or something.

The real end.

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