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Default Re: Dreams~

I had a fun dream last night! =D

I was in a convertible in a traffic jam, in the back seat. I don't remember who was driving, or if anyone was driving at all, but anyways...the car in front of us was also a convertible and the driver was retracting the hood. In the car was...the Jonas brothers! =O

And Nick Jonas, who was in the back (his older brothers being in the front) got up and somehow jumped into the back seat of my car, right next to me. We started talking, then all of a sudden the traffic jam cleared up, and I suggested that he come to my house with his brothers, and they thought it was a good idea. So we were just hanging out and talking, then while I was watching something on tv with Nick (his brothers were getting food or whatever), he asked me out all of a sudden. I said yes, and we both smiled, and we were about to kiss, but I woke up ;-;

Like THAT'S ever going to happen -_-'
It was fun while it lasted, though! =D


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