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Default Re: What Games Are You Playing? (Redux)

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
I got Rayman Origins lately! It's really, really good! Finally, being a Rayman fan is no longer a little embarrassing. :D! Both the art and the music make the game alone, but it's some pretty cool platforming.

... I like playing as the princess Teensie best.
(also I gueeeess I'm playing Conquest but my emulator feels slow I wish I could just buy it...)
I got that this morning and it's so nice how they seem to reference the original games a lot more (and it's also nice that it isn't yet another release of rayman 2). and the music is great. and how enemies inflate for some reason when you punch them. :D

I have no idea what's going on but everything's all happy:D! pretty funny how the lums' singing is more or less identical to the mario theme though.
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