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Default Re: SSB4 player chosen DLC characters

I voted Inkling for that Splatoon hype. If Splatoon somehow ends up being bad, I'm gonna be so upset.

(Other characters I almost voted for: Bandanna Dee, Marshal (or Karate Joe, either one), Banjo+Kazooie)

Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
The thing is why did they not include these characters in the game like they have in the past like on the N64 they were all there and on the GCN they were all there and I am pretty sure they were all there on the Wii even though I never played that one. Why change it up so not everyone can use these characters and yet now we have to buy them? No this is getting really bad. Why not just add them in the game and sell it like always? Makes no sense.:(
If you don't like the idea of buying characters, never play League of Legends.

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