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Default Re: SSB4 player chosen DLC characters

Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
Those games had save battery backups and eventually that was removed. After those were fixed there were a lot less glitches until the first 2 Pokemon games came out.
This... is pretty overly-specific, I'd say, as well as blatantly untrue. Have you seen videos of Super Mario 64? That game is arguably worse than Sonic Boom in terms of pure glitch content, it's just that it's more easily hidden and Super Mario 64 is a game that stood the test of time regardless. And that's saying nothing of games like Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64 (and let's not speak of non-first-party games...) - even Melee had a glitch that lets you play as Master Hand, which is a significant oversight! Super Mario Sunshine allows you to walk underwater in many levels. Working backwards, Kirby Super Star has a glitch that allows total control of the game. As programming gets more solid, so too do game constructions, and modern games are (with exceptions like the aforementioned Sonic Boom and Big Rigs, which is barely a 'game' anyway) mostly exempt from the kind of game-breaking nightmares that plagued even the best of the best first-party titles back in the day. I've seen more glitches in Super Mario 64 than in any other game I've played except maybe Red/Blue, and SM64 predates R/B by around a year and was created as the premiere N64 game (unlike five-years-in-development, nearly-bankrupted-Game-Freak "let's-gamble-on-these-games" Pokémon).

Anyway, the reason DLC didn't exist in SSB1, or Melee, or Brawl, etc. is because those systems had no way to connect to the internet reliably enough to make DLC an option. The purpose behind DLC is to make money, and this is a known fact - just as Red and Blue and Yellow and Green are all separate, just as Red and Blue were remade ten years later, just as even the Mystery Dungeon games feel the need to do the paired-version-thing, just as stuff like Ocarina of Time Master Quest exists, just as Virtual Console exists, just as PokéBank costs money, just as "expansion packs" like the extra case in Dual Destinies and Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe/Kirby Fighters Deluxe (for Kirby Triple Deluxe) exist. It is because companies wish to make money. A solid way of doing this is by releasing characters that they know people like separately, so that people have to pay for them. It is not a sign of lower quality standards; it is merely an indication that video gaming has progressed to the point where this is possible, unlike with the completely-Internet-incapable older systems.
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