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Default Re: ASB Quests

Originally Posted by Superbird View Post
Well, I own a Blaziken, so I figure I might as well start pushing towards that Blazikenite. I'll submit these [1 2 3 4 5] to that end. If someone wants to join me in a multi battle against Charizard as well, I wouldn't object to that.

I'll also ref Eifie and Keldeo vs Charizard and Blaziken (RedneckPhoenix), I think, see if I can't dust off my license and get back into reffing again.

EDIT: accidentally made this when trying to get the DB to do my job for me. So that probably needs to be fixed. On that note, how are these going to be handled in the database anyway?
Okay, I'll put you down for the one-on-one looking for opponent for now. Would anybody like to join Superbird for a battle against Charizard and Blaziken?

Re: the database: arrrgh, that is obviously an important thing I should have worked out before posting, and intended to work out before posting, and then completely forgot about. I'll talk to Zhorken about it. For now I would say create the threads without using the database, and I'll sort things out later.

I believe I have the various quest statuses updated correctly. Let me know if I left somebody out!

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