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Default Re: Thinking of writing my first fanfic here...

It's really tough asking people "hey what do you think I should write" because if you get a suggestion you just might not get good plot bunnies! And then no one's happy.

I think there's two questions you should ask:

1)Which do you have more ideas for? This will be helpful for obvious reasons; if you don't have a lot of ideas, it'll be a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.
and 2) Which one would you enjoy more?

My musical theater teacher (bear with me here) says every song we use for auditions should be a song we'd want to marry, and I think the same applies for writing. The stuff you write should be stuff you're irrevocably in love with, and that will help immensely in actually getting it done.

If you want to write a Fakemon fic, go for it! I'm interested in what you'd bring to the table. :)
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