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Default What's the canon timeline between the generations?

At the Nuzlocke forums a guy started a "Pentathlocke" challenge, which means he's going to be playing all five generations in succession, importing (and deleveling) a max of two surviving Pokémon into the next gen once he's done with the game. Then people started wondering what would be the correct order to play each gen, considering their storylines. Because of conflicting game mechanics, FRLG will be treated as Gen I and HGSS as Gen II.

For example, it's a given that Gen II comes after Gen I, and I believe Gen V comes after Gen II because of the Rocket Grunt in Icirrus City, and also after Gen III since Team Plasma has studied the research of Teams Aqua and Magma. Therefore Gen I should be first, and Gen V should be last. But what about the other gens? Does Gen II come after Gen III and Gen IV, does Gen III come after Gen IV...? Or are the generations linear?

From a gameplay point of view, Gen V must be the last, because then he can import any Pokémon he wants into the game. HGSS to RSE would be problematic since you can use Sinnoh Pokémon post-E4, and there's no 649 Emerald patch yet, so he can't import something like, say, a Staraptor, into Emerald.

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