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Default Re: What's the canon timeline between the generations?

Alternatively, about 10 seconds on Bulbapedia gives us this, which is probably the most accurate one out there.
Holy crap that thing's got a lot of weird fanon assumptions on it. And just plain errors, in a few places (Farfetch'd population decreased during ancient history, not recently as said in Pokédex entries? the Iron Age was millions of years ago? Um...)

The parts related to the timeline of actual game events seems to be pretty reliable, at least. Basically...

* R/B/Y/FR/LG is first
* R/S/E is second (sometime after the "connect Kanto and Hoenn PC systems" event of FR/LG)
* G/S/C is third (stated in-game to be 3 years after R/B/Y)
* D/P/P is fourth (sometime after the Red Gyarados' rampage in G/S/C)
* B/W is fifth (sometime after Team Galactic's plans failed in D/P/P. Exactly how long after the 4th-gen games it takes place is hard to say, though... could be years later, but how many years? I have no idea. Unless there's something I missed in the games that hints at a more solid timeline, anyway.)
* B2/W2 is last (stated in-game to be 2 years after B/W)

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