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Default Re: What's the canon timeline between the generations?

Originally Posted by Mew! View Post
Very interesting. If these take place at the same time, however, one must wonder what that means for ORAS, no? Logically there will be some sort of time-travel mechanism explained for trading between XY and ORAS, since Brendan and May are still the main characters and they appear to take place at exactly the same time as RS. That goes without saying that Mega Evolution has yet to be discovered in Unova, though that can be explained because of that region being remote and distant.

However, in bringing up Mega Evolution... unless Hoenn is significantly distant from every other region and trade with Kanto is minimal, then the clearly widespread presence of Mega Evolution during the lives of May and Brendan runs contradictory to XY's plot as well.
It's not just megas, the people in XY also mention how Fairy type is a new thing.

I don't think they'll explain it, the only way I can think of it is if they just move the Hoenn games later in the timeline to be at the same time as XY. There's nothing in FRLG that would contradict that; they just mention the existence of Hoenn and Lanette, not any specific events.
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