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Originally Posted by ultraviolet
This is a challenge for Music Dragon!
Format: 4 vs 4, single
Style: Switch
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Chills 3/Pokemon
Arena Description: Tiny Island
This small island is only the size of a tennis court, covered in soft white sand and dotted with a few coconut trees. The island is surrounded by a cool, blue ocean. Buoys are marked around the island 100m from the shore, and mark the arena's boundary. It's a clear, warm day, and Sunny Day is in effect.
Additional Rules: Coconuts can be thrown at an opponent for 2% typeless damage, but they first need to be acquired by either spending an action shaking or climbing to the top of a tree.

After a lengthy involuntary vacation, the ASB League finally reopened, and the first challenge pinned to the challenge board was to be held on an island suited for a vacation for one. Perfect. The metal dragon ref ripped the notice off the board and waddled home to pack her bags.

A few days later, she, along with the two battlers, was teleported to the tiny island by a League-owned Abra. While the battlers took their positions and considered what Pokemon to send out, the ref wandered off to the side and pulled a beach chair from an improbably small backpack. She sprawled inelegantly across the chair, face tipped into the sunlight and wings spread wide, in hopes of offsetting how pale she was from normally sitting inside all day. Whether metal dragons could actually tan was another problem.

By then the battlers were ready to begin. From ultraviolet’s Pokeball emerged a Nidoqueen, who immediately squinted in displeasure and shielded her eyes from the burning sun. Meanwhile, Music Dragon’s Solrock didn’t appear to be inconvenienced in the slightest. It simply bobbed slowly in the air, waiting for the referee’s signal. She waved a wing, and the battle began.

Round One

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Squinting.
Commands: Smack Down/Brick Break ~ Smack Down/Bulldoze/Brick Break ~ Smack Down/Bulldoze/Brick Break

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Seemingly completely calm (but who can tell?)
Commands: Telekinesis ~ Will-o-Wisp ~ Rock Polish

Djurprinsessa searched for a rock to throw at Enoch, but the island was covered only in fine sand. Perhaps there would be a few in the water? She ran to the shore and peered into the crystal clear sea, delighted to find a few rocks that would serve her purpose. No sooner than she had scooped one up, she felt a gentle upward tug, and that was the only warning she had before she was thrown into the air with a loud yelp.

While Djurprinsessa had been searching, Enoch had been concentrating its psychic powers so it could lift its opponent. Djurprinsessa was flung about five feet upwards before she began to descend, and she braced herself for the impact – only to stop abruptly about three feet from the sand. She struggled in the air for a moment, finding the feeling of floating to be positively unnerving, before giving up and lobbing her stone at Enoch in retaliation. It broke off the top of one of its rocky protrusions, disrupting the Solrock’s balance, and it tipped dramatically before falling into the sand.

Djurprinsessa’s triumphant grin quickly slid off her face when she realized how difficult it would be to carry out her next commands. Flailing around awkwardly, she managed to right herself, then lashed at the ground with her tail with as much force as she could muster. Only about half her tail managed to connect, and the weak impact was further reduced as the Bulldoze traveled through the soft sand. Enoch was jostled around slightly and it let out a noise that sounded remarkably like a fart, but overall didn’t appear to be too inconvenienced.

With a great deal of effort, Enoch spun itself around in the sand until it was facing Djurprinsessa. An eerie mote of blue flame began to form in front of its face and, when it was about the size of a tennis ball, weaved off erratically towards Djurprinsessa. Unable to do much but flail about, Djurprinsessa took the Will-o-Wisp on her belly. The white-hot flame left an ugly burn mark, and she cringed.

Again Djurprinsessa tried to thump her tail against the ground, but the resulting wave was even weaker this time because the pain from the burn punished any sudden movements. Enoch lay there passively as the ground around it quivered. Once it was over, it spun rapidly in the sand, letting the grains rub at its rocky body and wear away at the rough edges. This left it slightly smoother and shinier, though for the most part it just polished away the grit that Djurprinsessa’s Bulldozes had showered on Enoch.

A few moments after Enoch stopped spinning, the psychic power that held Djurprinsessa aloft abruptly vanished, and she fell unceremoniously towards the sand, hitting it chin-first. With a grunt she stood up and brushed the sand off of herself.

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 98%
Energy: 90%
Status: Glad to feel her feet on the ground again. Burned (1%/action).

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 87%
Energy: 91%
Status: A third of the way buried in the sand.

Terrain notes
It is sunny.

Final notes
Music Dragon attacks first next round.
Since Djurprinsessa had to look for a rock for Smack Down, I treated it as decreased priority.
Bulldoze’s base power was halved because Djurprinsessa couldn’t reach the ground very well. They still lowered speed, though.
First reffing since reopening! Feels good to be back. Probably rusty, so please speak up if I screwed anything up.
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