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Originally Posted by ultraviolet
This is a challenge for Music Dragon!
Format: 4 vs 4, single
Style: Switch
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Chills 3/Pokemon
Arena Description: Tiny Island
This small island is only the size of a tennis court, covered in soft white sand and dotted with a few coconut trees. The island is surrounded by a cool, blue ocean. Buoys are marked around the island 100m from the shore, and mark the arena's boundary. It's a clear, warm day, and Sunny Day is in effect.
Additional Rules: Coconuts can be thrown at an opponent for 2% typeless damage, but they first need to be acquired by either spending an action shaking or climbing to the top of a tree.

Round Two

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 98%
Energy: 90%
Status: Glad to feel her feet on the ground again. Burned (1%/action).
Commands: Dig (down) ~ Curse ~ Curse

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 87%
Energy: 91%
Status: A third of the way buried in the sand. Grounded.
Commands: Rock Polish/Psychic ~ Rock Polish/Psychic ~ Rock Polish/Psychic

Djurprinsessa attacked the sand at her feet with vigour, intent on escaping Enoch’s psychic wrath before it could start. It would also be a lot harder to lift her back in the air if she was in the ground rather than simply standing on it. The going was slow, because sand kept trickling back into the hole when Djurprinsessa pushed it aside, but progress sped up when she reached wet sand that held up better. When she was satisfied with the distance between herself and her opponent, Djurprinsessa sat back, panting.

Meanwhile, Enoch was completely unperturbed by the disappearance of its opponent. Instead, it began to slowly spin in the sand again. One had to wonder if Solrock ever got dizzy. The referee peered at Enoch with one eyebrow raised, expecting it to stop soon, but Enoch only sped up. Grains of sand rubbed furiously against the Solrock’s rocky hide as it spun, the movement driving it ever further into the sand. Soon only the topmost rock spur, still spinning away, was visible, but hey. At least it was shiny.

Underground, Djurprinsessa was doing some boosting of her own. She closed her eyes and muttered to herself the words of an arcane ritual which, for the record, contained no swear words. The mystical mantra brought her to ancient times, when life was less fast-paced but required more physical tenacity. On and on the chanting went, and when Djurprinsessa finally opened her eyes, she felt sluggish but powerful.

After what felt like a good five minutes, Enoch finally showed signs of slowing down. There was a pause after it stopped; then it popped out of the sand dramatically, its entrance heralded by a psychic yell of “nyoom!” Enoch was now so polished that it was practically a mirror, and the trainers shrieked in discomfort as it reflected the sun’s harsh rays into their eyes.

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 95%
Energy: 82%
Status: Squinting lethargically. Burned (1%/action). +2 attack and defense, -2 speed.

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 87%
Energy: 85%
Status: As radiant as the sun. Grounded. +6 speed.

Terrain notes
It is sunny.
There is a tunnel that goes almost straight down close to the shore.

Final notes
ultraviolet attacks first next round.
Dig cost extra energy because digging in sand is pretty difficult.
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