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Default Re: uv vs. MD

Alright alright alright! We're ready to execute the master plan, but I think we'd better wait until next round. For now, you need to avoid those attacks! Since you're 8 stages faster, and both sand-Dig and Dynamic Punch are slow moves, I think dodging them should be no problem. Just move around the island as fast as you can and do some evil gloating. (It is important that you gloat even if you get hit, as a matter of principle.)

For your last action, we have two options. If you somehow failed to dodge Djurprinsessa's attacks, you need to even things out a bit, so hit her with Psychic. Otherwise, you guys should be about even in health, so there's no need to attack; instead, Tackle a tree and get me a coconut.

Dodge ~ Dodge ~ Psychic @ Djurprinsessa / Tackle @ tree
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