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Originally Posted by ultraviolet
This is a challenge for Music Dragon!
Format: 4 vs 4, single
Style: Switch
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Chills 3/Pokemon
Arena Description: Tiny Island
This small island is only the size of a tennis court, covered in soft white sand and dotted with a few coconut trees. The island is surrounded by a cool, blue ocean. Buoys are marked around the island 100m from the shore, and mark the arena's boundary. It's a clear, warm day, and Sunny Day is in effect.
Additional Rules: Coconuts can be thrown at an opponent for 2% typeless damage, but they first need to be acquired by either spending an action shaking or climbing to the top of a tree.

Round Three

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 95%
Energy: 82%
Status: Squinting lethargically. Burned (1%/action). +2 attack and defense, -2 speed.
Commands: Dig ~ Dynamic Punch ~ Rain Dance

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 87%
Energy: 85%
Status: As radiant as the sun. Grounded. +6 speed.
Commands: dodge ~ dodge ~ Psychic/Tackle @Tree

With her newfound strength, Djurprinsessa felt more than ready to face her opponent again. She began to dig upwards, her progress slow due to both her lethargy and the sand, but steady nonetheless. Aboveground, Enoch waited, sending out a psychic field that would alert it when Djurprinsessa was close. After a few long moments it felt a sudden burst of activity below itself, so it somersaulted to the side, sending up a spray of sand as it leapt. A second later, Djurprinsessa burst out of the ground with her fist stretched out before her, obviously expecting to hit a target that was no longer there. Bewildered, she glanced around to find Enoch, temporarily forgetting to land properly. Her momentum carried her forward, causing her to land ungracefully on her chin. Enoch rocked back and forth gleefully at that.

Though Enoch was faster by a long shot, it stood still, seeming to dare Djurprinsessa to move first. The Nidoqueen clenched her fist and focused an incredible amount of energy into it, causing it to glow dangerously. Struggling not to lose control of the volatile attack, Djurprinsessa marched towards Enoch, who gave a high-pitched peep before shooting several feet away. Djurprinsessa took another few strides towards her opponent, but it zoomed away again. She tried once more – Enoch sailed over her head with a mocking nyoom! Frustrated, Djurprinsessa lashed out with a cry, but her fist was nowhere near her target. Without a victim to explode against, the energy stored in her fist fizzled away. Djurprinsessa bellowed in exasperation and put her head in her hands while Enoch rolled circles around her.

Enoch rolled around Djurprinsessa for a while longer, leaping over any half-hearted swipes of her tail, before tiring of its game and hopping towards a palm tree instead. Using its psychic powers, Enoch picked itself up and hurled itself at the trunk, shaking the tree enough to convince it to drop a coconut. The large brown fruit landed in the sand with a soft thunk.

Meanwhile, it seemed Djurprinsessa had given up trying to hit Enoch at all. She channeled her frustration to a solemn dance, twirling in circles with her arms raised beseechingly towards the sky. Clouds began to roll in, thick grey clouds with storms in their bellies. The referee groaned as her attempts at tanning were ruined. Djurprinsessa ended her dance with a deep bow, and in response the clouds opened up, unleashing a torrent of rain on the island. Djurprinsessa turned towards Enoch – perhaps rain would dampen its annoyingly bright mood – but the Solrock was happily juggling its coconut in the air, seemingly oblivious to the storm.

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 92%
Energy: 67%
Status: Immensely annoyed with Enoch. Burned (1%/action). +2 attack and defense, -2 speed.
Commands: Dig ~ Dynamic Punch ~ Rain Dance

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 87%
Energy: 78%
Status: Playing with the coconut. Grounded. +6 speed.
Commands: dodge ~ dodge ~ Tackle @Tree

Terrain notes
It is raining (8 more actions).
There is a tunnel that goes almost straight down, curves around, and then goes almost straight up. One entrance is close to the shore, the other close to the middle of the island.
There is a fallen coconut near Enoch.

Final notes
Music Dragon attacks first next round.
Since Enoch is so much faster than Djurprinsessa, I put the accuracy of Dig at around 60% and the accuracy of Dynamic Punch at around 30%. Both missed.
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