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Default Re: uv vs. MD

Gosh, this is pathetic. I think Enoch's probably painfully aware of the depth of his movepool: shallow. Did you know that all of his commands have pretty much amounted to 'do the same thing three times'? What a lame-o. Make sure you tell him that with Torment!

Now unfortunately you're going to have to take one of those Acrobatics, but it's okay, more fuel for your rage. Once he's done flying around like a dumbass, take your opportunity to use Dragon Tail and hurl Enoch into the sea. Not that that would be hard, because I mean, we're on an island, but I think at this point you probably want the satisfaction of hitting Enoch hard and watching him sail through the air like the rock that he is.

Anyway, I'd like to keep Enoch in the water, so while he's there, use Whirlpool so he stays there. Did you know that Solrock weigh 150 kg? Crazy how nature do that. It's not like he's going Acrobatics his way out of there, anyway, being tormented and also in a whirlpool. I'm sure someone could turn that into some kind of tortured metaphor. Whatever.

Torment ~ Dragon Tail ~ Whirlpool
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