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Originally Posted by Music Dragon View Post
And also, I will have my foods, sooner or later! Just you wait! My food-based tactics will reinvent ASB and change the world forever!
look, i told you to eat before we left! if you're that hungry you can have some of my sandwich... if you admit that you're a stinky loser and forefeit!!! it's a really good sandwich, too... PB&J...

well djurprinsessa, we've had better days. I think right now we just want him to feel bad, right? So let's go with toxic, since we know you're not gonna miss, then use Swagger. Finish with Aqua Tail - if possible, throw him into the whirlpool, but don't worry too much about it. It's gonna hurt anyway.

If you're taunted, use Aqua Tail, Shock Wave, and Surf.

If you can't see Enoch, just Chill. B)

Toxic/Aqua Tail/Chill ~ Swagger/Shock Wave/Chill ~ Aqua Tail/Surf/Chill
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