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Default Re: uv vs. MD

Ugh! I hate these coconuts! What kind of worthless food is this anyway? Thanks, Obama...

Anyway. I don't want you to get poisoned, so use Safeguard to protect yourself. You don't need to keep the Safeguard up any longer than necessary, so end it as soon as you can.

Next, we need to deal with that incoming Swag. Now I'm not very street smart - in fact I often find myself confused when I run into old acquaintances and they try to greet me by doing some sort of weird handshake thing where they raise their hand in like an arc and I think I'm supposed to slap it or punch it or something? Anyway, use Magic Coat. I'll be very interested in seeing how that plays out. Yes, I can see it now: an angry Nidoqueen arguing with a literally stone-faced Solrock, working herself into a frenzy! Hoohoo!

For your last action, we need to work on our strategy. Beyblade didn't really work out. I have a new master plan, but it requires you to gotta go slow. Use Psych Up to become slower, angrier and beefier! Just the way a Solrock likes it.

Safeguard ~ Magic Coat ~ Psych Up
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