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Originally Posted by ultraviolet
This is a challenge for Music Dragon!
Format: 4 vs 4, single
Style: Switch
DQ: Two weeks
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Chills 3/Pokemon
Arena Description: Tiny Island
This small island is only the size of a tennis court, covered in soft white sand and dotted with a few coconut trees. The island is surrounded by a cool, blue ocean. Buoys are marked around the island 100m from the shore, and mark the arena's boundary. It's a clear, warm day, and Sunny Day is in effect.
Additional Rules: Coconuts can be thrown at an opponent for 2% typeless damage, but they first need to be acquired by either spending an action shaking or climbing to the top of a tree.

Round Five

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 81%
Energy: 56%
Status: Itching to toss Enoch into the whirlpool. Burned (1%/action). +2 attack and defense, -2 speed.
Commands: Toxic/Aqua Tail/Chill ~ Swagger/Shock Wave/Chill ~ Aqua Tail/Surf/Chill

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 81%
Energy: 66%
Status: Shivering and clinging to the island for dear life. Grounded. +6 speed. Tormented (2 more actions).
Commands: Safeguard ~ Magic Coat ~ Psych Up

Enoch lifted from the sand and tilted so all its spokes were parallel to the ground. The tips of the rocky points were all glowing a soft green, and when it spun an emerald streak was left in the air, growing thicker and more solid as Enoch kept twirling and building upon it. When it was satisfied, it slowly lowered itself onto the sand again, drawing the green ring down with it to create a translucent cylinder.

Djurprinsessa saw this and snorted in derision. She was a poison type, and she had true mastery over the art of injecting toxins into her opponents. A flimsy barrier wouldn’t stop her! She coughed several times, then spat a large steaming glob of a foul-looking purplish substance into her hand. Taking careful aim, Djurprinsessa lobbed the congealed ball of poison at Enoch – only for it to splash harmlessly against the Solrock’s Safeguard. Djurprinsessa gaped in disbelief.

Enoch seemed to chortle a bit as it let its shield fizzle away. Djurprinsessa briefly felt annoyed, but Enoch had left itself vulnerable and she meant to seize the opportunity. She puffed her chest out and began to strut back and forth, spewing boasts all the while. “That Toxic was nothing, not even half of my true power! This isn’t even my final form! If I unleashed everything I had upon you, you would’ve been reduced to cosmic dust in the first round!” Enoch idly rocked back and forth, looking bored and unimpressed. Its exterior glittered peculiarly. Djurprinsessa squinted and tried again. “That Acrobatics last round? Was that supposed to be your master plan? Try harder – it barely left a scratch!” Though Enoch’s face was immovable, Djurprinsessa got the feeling that it was raising an eyebrow, as if to say it barely had any scratches itself. She huffed angrily. That stupid shiny rock was so full of itself! Djurprinsessa ground her teeth in anger so hard that her head started aching. Sensing that Djurprinsessa was now gripped by fury, Enoch chuckled again and shed its sparkling coat.

Immediately afterwards, Enoch stole into Djurprinsessa’s mind, looking to emulate the power that anger gave her without the headache. There, it also found the steady tenacity obtained from her previous arcane rituals. Concentrating deeply, Enoch linked its mind with Djurprinsessa’s, synchronizing them. The change in mental state had significant physical effects for the psychic rock: its exterior, once smooth, became thick and rough, and its spurs sharpened into dangerous points.

While Enoch was doing its psychic shenanigans and copying Djurprinsessa (and of course it’d copy her, Djurprinsessa thought, because she was very clearly the best), she decided the best way to vent her anger was to hit Enoch hard. Droplets seeped out from between the scales on her tail to cover it in a thin veil of water. With a roar Djurprinsessa lunged forward – only to trip and fall face-first into the sand. The water around her tail splashed onto the ground. Embarrassed and frustrated, Djurprinsessa pushed herself back up, spitting out sand.

ultraviolet (OOOO)

Djurprinsessa (F) <Rivalry>
Health: 75%
Energy: 48%
Status: Resisting the urge to scream in frustration. Burned (1%/action). Confused (severe to strong). +4 attack, +2 defense, -2 speed.
Commands: Toxic ~ Swagger ~ confused

Music Dragon (OOOO)

Enoch (X) <Levitate>
Health: 81%
Energy: 52%
Status: Rocking back and forth with glee. Grounded. +4 attack, +2 defense, -2 speed.
Commands: Safeguard ~ Magic Coat ~ Psych Up

Terrain notes
It is raining (2 more actions).
There is a whirlpool just off the shore of the island (1 more action).
There is a tunnel that goes almost straight down, curves around, and then goes almost straight up. One entrance is close to the shore, the other close to the middle of the island.

Final notes
Music Dragon attacks first next round.

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