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Default Re: uv vs. MD

Hoohoo! Good job, Enoch! Solrock? More like we rock! We sure are annoying the shit out of my girlfriend, which, when I put it like that, sounds like something I may end up regretting! Go Team Solrock!

Okay, it's time to set our master plan in motion! So she wants to knock you about with her tail, eh? Let's show her how it's really done! Study her carefully and Mimic that Dragon Tail she used before. It doesn't look too hard, you should be able to pull that off. It's basically just swinging your butt at the enemy, right? But in, like, a dragon way? If you need inspiration, just study the referee's massive backside. Look at it. So hypnotic...

... where was I? Oh yes. You Mimic Dragon Tail. Now, I'm not sure if you can actually Mimic something and use it on the same action, but it doesn't matter either way; your commands are to keep using Dragon Tail until you've successfully knocked your opponent into the water. Once she's in the water, use Gravity! That should trap her real good!

If, against my expectations, you actually manage to accomplish all of this in just two actions... use your last action to toss her even further into the water with Psychic.

Mimic (and use?) Dragon Tail ~ Dragon Tail / Gravity ~ Dragon Tail / Gravity / Psychic
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