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Default Re: I liek Squirtles vs. Superbird

Agnes, I think we can afford to go easy on our opponent. So let's ignore the Sunny Day and instead focus on setting up an Aqua Ring that will hopefully last us the whole battle. Following that, we can actually use our opponent's ability against us...Use Defog and reap that sweet, sweet Attack boost. And finally, use it to beef up your Rock Tomb attack, so we might be able to get ourselves ahead of our opponent speed-wise.

Aqua Ring ~ Defog ~ Rock Tomb

btw Meursault, how do you ref speed changes? How many more speed drops are necessary before Agnes is faster than Francine?
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[20:47:57] +Superbird: quick someone what's the integral of tan(x)
[20:48:07] +Tomsta17: 857
[20:48:08] @dingram: -lncosx
[20:48:12] +Superbird: wrong
[20:48:16] +Superbird: -lncosx + c
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