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Default Cynder vs Stryke

Cynder vs Stryke

Format: 3v3; Singles
Style: Switch
DQ: 1 month
Damage Cap: 40
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Perish Song, Moves that knock the user out.
Arena Description: Olivine’s Lighthouse
This arena is split into multiple different areas, and Pokémon in different areas can’t attack each other.
Based on the lighthouse in SoulSilver, the description is for anyone who doesn’t have the game.
  1. Outside the lighthouse – Where the battle starts, it is a large clear area with precipitous cliffs to the south and east and the lighthouse proper along the north edge. The staris to the west are blocked off for the battle.

  2. First Floor – This spacious, rectangular room has two rows of potted plants flanking the path to the broken elevator, there is a set of stairs leading to the second floor on the left. To the sides of the room, past the plants are tables with two chairs apiece.

  3. Second Floor – This room is the same size and shape as the floor below, but it has a large wall running down the middle of the room from the north wall to the center, creating a U-like shape. The stairs from the First Floor and the ladder to the Third Floor are in the opposite extremes of the U.

  4. Third Floor A – The Third Floor is a circular room, slightly smaller in diameter than the preceding room, split into two parts by a wall, Part A is the north eastern fourth and Part B is the remaining three fourths. Part A has two windows and both ladders, up and down, are close to each other.

  5. Fourth Floor A – The fourth Floor is the mirror image of the Third Floor, with Part A being the three fourths part of the room. There is only a ladder going down, but there is a doorway leading to empty air in the extreme eastern wall. Any Pokémon using this doorway will fall onto the roof of the Second Floor. There is another window in the exterior wall beside the north aligned interior wall.

  6. Second Floor Roof – This is the same size as the First and Second Floors, and has a bit of space between the edge and the wall of the Third Floor. The entrance to the Third Floor is in the southern wall. There isn’t much railing.

  7. Third Floor B – The rest of the Third Floor. It has a few windows and the ladder up is in the northern part.

  8. Fourth Floor B – Just like Third Floor A, only in the northwest corner.

  9. Fifth Floor – A circular room with an interior wall running from the north wall to the center of the room. The ladder up is just to the east of the interior wall.

  10. Lens Room – This is the top of the lighthouse, the ladder is inside a circle of lenses with an exit at the south edge. The walls of the room are made of glass with steel supports. The elevator at the north wall is broken, just like the one in the First Floor, but there is a league Kadabra next to it, which can be asked to teleport Pokémon only to the First Floor.
Additional Rules: Falling damage might be determined like the damage from Sky Drop, but that’s up to the ref. Pokémon are sent out in the outside field, no matter where their ally fainted. Pokémon and their trainers are in constant communication, despite being in different areas because of the Kadabra. Moving between areas requires one action.

Cynder's active squad

zorua Houdini the male Zorua <Illusion>
ralts Walter the shiny male Ralts <Trace> @ Reaper Cloth
bronzor Relic the genderless Bronzor <Heatproof> @ Weakness Policy
murkrow Shadow the female Murkrow <Super Luck> @ Razor Claw
nincada Peridotite the male Nincada <Compound Eyes>
vulpix Pyre the female Vulpix <Flash Fire> @ Spooky Plate
cyndaquil Quillian the male Cyndaquil <Blaze>

Stryke's active squad

porygon2 the genderless Porygon2 <Download>
elekid USB Charger the male Elekid <Static>
magby Saganaki (OPA!!) the male Magby <Flame Body>
magnemite Colbur the shiny genderless Magnemite <Sturdy>
nosepass Tenorock the shiny male Nosepass <Magnet Pull>
pansage Dent the male Pansage <Gluttony>
pansear Pod the male Pansear <Gluttony>
panpour Corn the male Panpour <Gluttony>

Coin flip says:
  • Cynder sends out first
  • Stryke sends out and issues commands
  • Cynder issues commands

Good luck, both of you!
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