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Default Re: Cynder vs Stryke

Round Three

Cynder (OOO)
Houdini (M) <Illusion>
Health: 96%
Energy: 88%
Commands: Swords Dance / Nasty Plot ~ Bounce (through ceiling) / Hone Claws ~ (land on roof) / Hone Claws
- Bored. On the second floor. Has three clones. +2 Special Attack, +2 Special Defense

Finchwidget (OOO)
Saganaki (OPA!!) <Flame Body>
Health: 100%
Energy: 93%
Commands: Mega Kick / Smokescreen ~ Mega Kick / Heat Wave / Smokescreen ~ Mega Kick / Heat Wave / Double Team xMAX
- Bleary. +2 Attack. Moderately confused.

Saganaki gets to his feet in slow stages, pausing frequently to let the world around him settle and the churning in his stomach slow. Ordinarily he'd be worried about Houdini getting the drop on him while he's vulnerable, but at this point the magby's decided he's too sick and tired to care. Even once he's regained his feet, the magby doesn't do anything but stand and wait for Houdini to appear. And wait. And wait.

Saganaki blows out an exasperated cloud of smoke. So much for his fearsome opponent, then. He releases more and more smoke, seeing no reason to even move from his spot, if his opponent can't be bothered to come calling, either. Soon a dense cloud of smoke shrouds the entrance to the lighthouse, Saganaki barely visible at its center.

Meanwhile, Houdini's assessing the roof. The zorua stands with head thrown back, staring at the boards up overhead. His trainer wants him to bounce... through that? And land on the roof? That ceiling, though, it looks pretty solid. Most of the lighthouse is weathered stone or concrete, built to withstand wind and waves alike out here in the harbor. Just how thick is the ceiling, anyway?

Houdini has to admit he might be able to bust through. Theoretically, and with a swords dance boost? Sure. Is he going to enjoy busting through? Absolutely, definitely not. So instead he, too, stays where he is, fuming and plotting and letting his mind run wild, seeking alternative ways of gaining an advantage over Saganaki. Not that he really needs to, honestly. The way the battle's been going for the magby, Houdini's beginning to feel sorry for him.

Meanwhile, Saganaki would probably like less of the pity and more of Houdini actually showing up to battle him. The magby stays where he is, pouring on more and more smoke until the cloud around him is thick and choking, so dense he can't even see the wall of the lighthouse rising up in front of him. Up above, Houdini settles down to do his nails, scraping his claws back and forth against each other to sharpen them. Truthfully, this battle hasn't been a lot of fun for him, either; he'd rather be using these things than getting them ready.

In the end, Saganaki just can't stand around doing nothing any longer. He's actually feeling much better--clear-headed, despite the smoke lingering in the air around him. It's not entirely safe to take off running in conditions like these, but Saganaki doesn't care. He's just tired of waiting around, and it feels good to be moving again, although even at his most speedy, the magby can't manage to move much quicker than an ordinary human. It's fast enough, though, and in a matter of seconds he's joined by three perfect duplicate, illusory clones to confound Houdini, should the zorua ever show his face.

Cynder (OOO)
Houdini (M) <Illusion>
Health: 96%
Energy: 82%
Commands: Nasty Plot ~ Hone Claws x2
- Really bored. On the second floor. Has three clones. +2 Attack, +4 Special Attack, +2 Special Defense, +2 Accuracy

Finchwidget (OOO)
Saganaki (OPA!!) <Flame Body>
Health: 100%
Energy: 78%
Commands: Smokescreen x2 ~ Double Team
- Concealed deep in the smoke. Mildly confused. Has three clones. +2 Attack

Terrain Notes
A large, thick cloud of smoke swirls outside the lighthouse's main entrance.

Final Notes
- I wasn't really sold on Houdini bouncing through the roof. It looks pretty solid to me. But, for future reference, you don't need to spend an action bouncing up and then another to come down if you don't want to--you can do a complete bounce attack in a single action.
- Cynder next.
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