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Default Re: Cynder vs Stryke

Round Four

Cynder (OOO)
Houdini (M) <Illusion>
Health: 96%
Energy: 82%
Commands: Agility (up stairs, if possible) ~ Agility (up stairs, if possible) / climb stairs ~ Nasty Plot / climb stairs
- Really bored. On the second floor. Has three clones. +2 Attack, +4 Special Attack, +2 Special Defense, +2 Accuracy

Finchwidget (OOO)
Saganaki (OPA!!) <Flame Body>
Health: 100%
Energy: 78%
Commands: Run over to northeast corner of room ~ Lava Plume straight up / Smokescreen ~ Lava Plume straight up / Smokescreen
- Concealed deep in the smoke. Mildly confused. Has three clones. +2 Attack

After the effort involved in putting together his smokescreen, Saganaki isn't totally thrilled to be abandoning it, but the prospect of actually getting to attack more than overrides his reluctance. The magby dashes up the step and into the lighthouse proper, staggering a little as the last of the dizziness from his confusion throws him off-balance, but the fit passes without major consequences. Saganaki reaches the northeast corner of the first-floor room, unaware that up above Houdini's putting still more distance between himself and his opponent.

The zorua sprints up the lighthouse steps, bouncing from one side of the staircase to the other as he challenges himself to take the climb two, then three steps at a time. His clones bounce around him, weaving around each other in complex patterns, so the staircase appears filled with leaping, pirouetting zorua. No sooner has Houdini reached the third floor than he dashes over to the next staircase and moves on to the fourth in just the same manner. Houdini has to admit: he'd rather be smacking Saganaki around, but this is pretty fun.

He has to slow down again on the fourth floor, though, looking around for a good spot to settle down and get plotting. He has the floor to himself, of course, and there isn't much in the way of furniture for him to make use of. On top of that, it's rather... warm. Unusually warm. Houdini looks down at his paws, confused, as the tile beneath them heats up. Too late does he realize that an attack must be incoming and try to throw himself aside. The tiles erupt upward, letting a geyser of brilliant red-orange magma spew up from below. A good quarter of the floor is consumed by the spewing lava, and it wipes out all Houdini's clones at a stroke, sending the zorua himself stumbling away, spattered with clots of lava. He rolls around unhappily, getting as much of the burning stuff off him as he can while the eruption behind him subsides. All in all, he figures it could have been worse: if he'd been closer to the ground, the lava probably would have enveloped him completely. Even so, he's felt better.

The zorua keeps cogitating, lying where he fell and cooking up the very best revenge against Saganaki. Unfortunately for him, though, the magby doesn't let up with the attacks, and a few seconds later an ominous rumbling heralds another fountain of molten rock. Houdini scrambles to his feet and runs, but he can't escape the attack entirely, once again getting splattered by a bit of wayward lava.

Cynder (OOO)
Houdini (M) <Illusion>
Health: 86%
Energy: 78%
Used: Agility (up stairs) x2 ~ Nasty Plot
- Not so bored anymore. On the fourth floor. +2 Attack, +6 Special Attack, +2 Special Defense, +4 Speed, +2 Accuracy

Finchwidget (OOO)
Saganaki (OPA!!) <Flame Body>
Health: 100%
Energy: 72%
Used: Run over to northeast corner of room ~ Lava Plume x2
- Happy to be going on the offensive. On the ground floor. Has three clones. +2 Attack

Terrain Notes
A cloud of smoke lingers outside the lighthouse's main entrance, although it's beginning to disperse on the wind. Every floor ground to fourth has a large, irregular hole in the northeast corner, ringed by scorched and crumbling floor tiles and puddles of cooling lava.

Final Notes
- I was a little iffy on whether lava plume would reach four stories high, but the description does make it sound like it goes up a fair ways. However, the damage to Houdini was reduced because he caught only the very tip of the attack.
- Really sorry how long it took me to get to this one! Do feel free to poke me if it's been a month or so since I did a reffing--if it's taken that long it's usually not because I'm busy, but because I've forgotten. :X
- Finchwidget next.

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