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Default [ASB Quest] Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Sceptile & Venusaur

ASB Quest Battle: Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Venusaur & Sceptile (Eifie)

Originally Posted by The Arena
Skycrown Selva

DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Battle Style: Switch
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Chills 3/pokémon, Direct Healing 1/pokémon

The thick jungles of central Asber are largely unexplored, reaching as they do up into its jagged, impassable central mountain range. Deep in the forest grows a massive Ceiba tree, its roots alone rising higher than an adult human, its crown lost high overhead and its scarred trunk dotted with epiphytes and the tendrils of a huge strangler fig. The forest here has a peaceful air about it--one that can soon seem cloying and sinister when visitors find themselves constantly in danger of nodding off, alone and unprotected in the middle of the jungle.

The forest floor is dim, most light filtered away by the multi-layered canopy above, and there isn't much open room for fighting. The Ceiba overhead seems to always be in bloom, the ground around it littered with fallen pink petals. This is a place of great power, and one that's supposedly the home of terrifyingly strong grass-type pokémon.

Notes: Grassy terrain is always in effect, and the terrain cannot be changed. Weather has no effect in this arena.
Sandstone-Shadow's active squad

horsea Pertina the female Horsea <Swift Swim> @ Lucky Egg
ivysaur Sana the female Ivysaur <Overgrow> @ Metronome
fennekin Nefi the female Fennekin <Magician> @ Fire Stone
litwick Venus the female Litwick <Flash Fire> @ Dusk stone
gastly Dolon the male Gastly <Levitate> @ Scope Lens
wooper Itero the male Wooper <Water Absorb> @ Zoom Lens
murkrow Obsidian the male Murkrow <Super Luck> @ Razor Claw
larvitar Draka the female Larvitar <Guts> @ Muscle Band
kadabra Psyfox the male Kadabra <Inner Focus> @ Link Cable
omanyte Matia the female Omanyte <Swift Swim> @ Weakness Policy

sanderidge's active squad

prinplup Pipsnap the female Prinplup <Torrent>
sandslash Morei Rice Candy the female Sandslash <Sand Veil> @ Passho Berry
treecko Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom the male Treecko <Unburden> @ Lucky Egg
noibat Soulbat the female Noibat <Infiltrator> @ Yache Berry
riolu Zan the male Riolu <Inner Focus> @ Eviolite
abra Dreamling the female Abra <Magic Guard> @ Link Cable
meowth Twinkletoes the male Meowth <Technician>
sandslash-alola ice cream sundae kid the female Alolan Sandslash <Snow Cloak>
togedemaru Triangle the female Togedemaru <Iron Barbs>
oricorio-pom-pom imposteround the female Oricorio <Dancer> @ Amulet Coin

The Opponents (as commanded by Eifie)

venusaur Venusaur (Female) <Chlorophyll> @ Leaf Stone [8XP]
sceptile Sceptile (Male) <Unburden> @ Miracle Seed [8XP]

To start us off...
~I'd first like to note that I've been asked not to include Stat Variance in quest battles, so if you're looking at my reffing scale at any point during this battle, you can ignore that part.
~I will almost certainly make mistakes during this battle (probably already have, in fact) so if you see any, call me out for them and I'll fix them as expediently as possible.
~ Sandstone-Shadow and sanderidge send out their pokémon, and declare their signature attributes if they have any.
~ Sandstone-Shadow and sanderidge order commands, in any order
~ Eifie orders commands for Venusaur and Sceptile
~ I ref.
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