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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Sceptile & Venusaur

hey, ninjaspirit tom! faithful lizardfriend, fresh out of the pc... let's see what we can get going!

you're much better without that little egg, so why not start by flinging it at venusaur? next power-up punch that dinosaur and end with a good acrobatics at sceptile. if there are subs, go ahead and keep doing your command for that action, but if they're protecting let's do some swords dancing. if you're poisoned on the third action and they're not protecting, take it out on them by using facade instead of acrobatics!

fling @ venusaur / swords dance ~ power-up punch @ venusaur / swords dance ~ acrobatics @ sceptile / swords dance / facade @ sceptile

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