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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Sceptile & Venusaur

Hah! You two will regret choosing to face me!

Hey Sceptile, did you know that Charm is blocked by Substitute? Make the biggest one you can, then hit Sana with Acrobatics twice (drop your Miracle Seed straight away; you don't need it).

Venusaur: Start with a small Substitute of your own, then Toxic Ninjaspirit Tom (one of my finest name creations) and finish with Venoshock.

Sceptile: drop Miracle Seed, Substitute (20%) ~ Acrobatics @ Sana ~ Acrobatics @ Sana
Venusaur: Substitute (10%) ~ Toxic @ Ninjaspirit Tom ~ Venoshock @ Ninjaspirit Tom

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