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Default Re: [ASB Quest] Sandstone-Shadow & sanderidge vs Sceptile & Venusaur

Originally Posted by The Arena
Skycrown Selva

DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Battle Style: Switch
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Chills 3/pokémon, Direct Healing 1/pokémon

The thick jungles of central Asber are largely unexplored, reaching as they do up into its jagged, impassable central mountain range. Deep in the forest grows a massive Ceiba tree, its roots alone rising higher than an adult human, its crown lost high overhead and its scarred trunk dotted with epiphytes and the tendrils of a huge strangler fig. The forest here has a peaceful air about it--one that can soon seem cloying and sinister when visitors find themselves constantly in danger of nodding off, alone and unprotected in the middle of the jungle.

The forest floor is dim, most light filtered away by the multi-layered canopy above, and there isn't much open room for fighting. The Ceiba overhead seems to always be in bloom, the ground around it littered with fallen pink petals. This is a place of great power, and one that's supposedly the home of terrifyingly strong grass-type pokémon.

Notes: Grassy terrain is always in effect, and the terrain cannot be changed. Weather has no effect in this arena.
Confused pokémon peek out from amidst the shrubbery and frightened pokémon can be heard rustling away as Sandstone-Shadow and sanderidge make their way through the dense jungle. The journey is anything but easy, but after only a brief encounter with an angry Venipede, and a careful effort to avoid a Beedrill nest, but the two trainers manage to make it to a clearing in the Skycrown Selva in one piece.

The great tree at the other end of the clearing dwarfs even those around it, towering into the sky above even the other trees that surround it – a fixture of nature that must have been here for thousands of years, and will continue to be here for thousands more. The two visiting trainers stare in awe at the Ceiba tree, before bravely calling out a challenge to the guardians of this forest.

No sooner have they done so then a Sceptile drops to the base of the tree, appearing out of what seems like nowhere from the branches far above. Joining it, the ground begins to faintly shake with each footstep of a large venusaur that makes its way out from the other edge of the small clearing. The two Grass-types stare at the trainers, in tacit acceptance of their sacred challenge. And so, the trainers send out their pokémon, and the battle gets underway.

Round 1

Blue Corner
Sana – Ivysaur (♀) @ Metronome
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Grass / Poison
Ability: Overgrow
Condition: Coolly staring down her evolved form.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Charm @ Sceptile / Defense Curl ~ Toxic @ Sceptile / Defense Curl ~ Sludge Bomb @ Sceptile / Venoshock @ Sceptile / Defense Curl

Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom – Treecko (♂) @ Lucky Egg
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Grass
Ability: Unburden
Condition: Ready to exercise that ninja spirit.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Fling @ Venusaur / Swords Dance ~ Power-Up Punch @ Venusaur / Swords Dance ~ Acrobatics @ Sceptile / Swords Dance / Facade @ Sceptile

Red Corner
Venusaur (♀) @ Leaf Stone
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Grass / Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Condition: Stoic and unconcerned.
Status: 8xp.
Commands: Substitute (10%) ~ Toxic @ Ninjaspirit Tom ~ Venoshock @ Ninjaspirit Tom

Sceptile (♂) @ Miracle Seed
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Grass
Ability: Unburden
Condition: Confident in the face of new challengers.
Status: 8xp.
Commands: Drop Miracle Seed + Substitute (20%) ~ Acrobatics @ Sana ~ Acrobatics @ Sana

As the light of her pokéball fades, Sana looks around. This place reminds her of where she grew up – and from the reaction of her partner, also looking around more eagerly, with a gleam in his eye as he glances up at the trees perfectly fit for acrobatic maneuvers, it does the same for him. Turning her attention to her opponents, Sana faces down her evolved form. The Venusaur looks down at her almost contemptfully as it reaches out some vines and begins to gather decayed foliage from the ground into a small pile. Maybe better to focus on her other opponent, then – Sana begins to use her own vines to wave in the air and attempt to draw Sceptile's attention.

To her credit, Sceptile does glance her way – but before she has a chance to do anything charming, he spits out his Miracle Seed onto the forest floor in front of him, using his powers as a Grass-type pokémon to make a cluster of plants and vines rise out around it, the seed at its core. The mass is sentient, looking back at its creator and giving a wry nod; the sight of the creation is enough to convince Sana that this endeavor will get nowhere.

Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom is unconcerned with such things. He's just happy to be back in the forest he loves so much, ready to harness his inner ninja and use this forest's trees the way they're meant to be used. But for that to happen, he first has to get rid of the cumbersome egg he's been lugging around. Grabbing his Lucky Egg in one hand, he flings it at the Venusaur across the clearing. The grass dinosaur pokémon doesn't even acknowledge the attack; rather, the mass of foliage it's gathered together jumps up and intercepts the throw itself, taking a blow backwards but otherwise little worse for wear.

No matter; Touabelt Ninjaspirit Tom didn't expect that attack to be particularly strong. Nor this one, he thinks as he runs towards the Venusaur, power welling in his fist as he prepares to deliver a punch. As expected, his opponent's Substitute puts itself in the way of the attack; he can see that on impact it's starting to fall apart, but it might still be able to take another one of those. Not now, though, now that the power from the attack has seeped into Touabelt Ninjaspirit Tom, strengthening him for all his future attacks.

Venusaur doesn't let the Treecko escape quite so easily, however; before Tom has a chance to escape into the trees, she releases a spray of toxins from the huge flower on her back, catching Tom right in the face. The poison easily seeps into his bloodstream, and he begins to feel a nausea as he retreats cautiously from the much larger pokémon. He won't let this deter him.

Above Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom and Venusaur, Sceptile flies through the air from tree to tree, capturing Sana's attention but moving too quickly for the poor Ivysaur to get a good read on where he is. Before she can realize her mistake, he pounces upon her, tearing into his partner's pre-evolved form with a vicious fury and darting away before she has a chance to retaliate. Not that Sana doesn't try – the Ivysaur is pretty quick to try much the same tactic as her evolved form did to Tom, but this time it doesn't work out; though her aim is true, Sceptile's Substitute jumps to its rescue, putting itself in the path of the poison and braving the attack, no worse for wear.

Sceptile doesn't let up, taking the opportunity his Substitute provided him for all it's worth, and once again swooping down from the trees to rake Sana harshly with his tail, giving her a little bit of extra damage as he pushes off of her to leap back into the treetops. Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom is done preparing now, though, and he's ready to unleash his ninjitsu to hep his partner out. He wastes no time climbing up the nearest tree he can and jumping from there to another, slightly higher-up. As a Treecko, he quickly puzzles out his evolved form's pattern – the Sceptile isn't really focusing on him, anyhow – and just as the bigger gecko pokémon appears Tom takes his chance, and channels his nausea and discomfort into an attack backed by the power from his last.

It's a good, solid hit, but it's on the wrong target. Sceptile's Substitute blocks the attack at the last moment, flying out of the trees and hitting the ground, while Sceptile himself slips away back into the treetops. Regardless, Sana takes her opportunity to shoot a bigger ball of sludge than last time at the Substitute, to, if nothing else, ensure that it won't be bothering her and her partner in the future. Her attack strikes true, and it's more effective this time – on impact, the Substitute crumbles into its component parts, the Miracle Seed at its core falling to the ground and getting lost in the grass.

Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom is reasonably satisfied with this outcome, but as he watches the Substitute fall apart from a tree branch, he rebukes himself for not managing to hit Sceptile himself. His brooding is interrupted, however, by a spray of acid that knocks the Treecko clear off the tree branch and crashing to the ground. Venusaur seems to almost be grinning at the success of its Venoshock, the attack sinking into Tom's skin, assisted by the poison, and worsening the Treecko's nausea for a few moments before the gecko pokémon regains enough presence of mind to shake the attack off. He gets to his feet beside his partner, and shoots her a glance. This is going to be a tough battle, no doubt.

End of Round 1

Blue Corner
Sana – Ivysaur (♀) @ Metronome
Health: 67% (CAPPED)
Energy: 88%
Type: Grass / Poison
Ability: Overgrow
Condition: Somewhat flustered; slightly overwhelmed.
Status: Normal.
Actions: Charm @ Sceptile ~ Toxic @ Sceptile ~ Sludge Bomb @ Sceptile

Touabeld Ninjaspirit Tom – Treecko (♂)
Health: 74%
Energy: 88%
Type: Grass
Ability: Unburden
Condition: Acknowledging his worthy opponents.
Status: Attack +1. Badly poisoned (1%). Unburden activated.
Actions: Fling @ Venusaur ~ Power-Up Punch @ Venusaur ~ Acrobatics @ Sceptile

Red Corner
Venusaur (♀) @ Leaf Stone
Health: 4% \ 93%
Energy: 84%
Type: Grass / Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Condition: Stoic – above all this, figuratively.
Status: Protected by Substitute. 8xp.
Actions: Substitute (10%) ~ Toxic @ Tom ~ Venoshock @ Tom

Sceptile (♂)
Health: 83%
Energy: 78%
Type: Grass
Ability: Unburden
Condition: Clearly confident – above all this, literally.
Status: 8xp. Unburden activated.
Actions: Substitute (20%) ~ Acrobatics @ Sana ~ Acrobatics @ Sana

Arena Notes
~Grassy Terrain is in effect.
~A Miracle Seed lies somewhere in the grass in the middle of the battlefield.
~A Lucky Egg lies in the grass near Venusaur, in danger of being stepped on.

Referee Notes
~This is your daily reminder that, while I may take liberties with turn order in the write-up, I don't do so in the calcs. If you do find any mistakes I've made in those, please tell me as soon as possible, so that I may fix them.
~The Substitutes do not recover health from Grassy Terrain, just as they don't in the games. The pokémon behind them do, however.
~Friendly note, Acrobatics will do more damage than Facade for Tom, due to being super effective.

Next Round
~Eifie commands for Sceptile and Venusaur
~Sandstone-Shadow and sanderidge issue commands for Sana and Toubaled Ninjaspirit Tom

Action Log / Calcs

Speed Order: Sceptile (120) > Venusaur (80) > Tom (70) > Sana (60)
Action 1
~Sceptile drops its Miracle Seed
~Sceptile uses Substitute, for 20% health and 10% energy
~Venusaur uses Substitute, for 10% health and 5% energy
~Tom uses Fling on Venusaur (with its Lucky Egg), dealing 3Base = 3% damage for 2% energy
~Venusaur's Substitute takes the attack (7% remaining).
~Sana uses Charm on Sceptile, for 2% energy. The Substitute blocks the attack.
~Grassy Terrain restores 1% health to all combatants.
Speed order: Sceptile (240) > Tom (140) > Venusaur (80) > Sana (60)
Action 2
~Sceptile uses Acrobatics on Sana, dealing (11Base * 1.5Type + 2EXP) = 18% damage for 6% energy.
~Tom uses Power-Up Punch on Venusaur, dealing (4Base * 0.66Type) = 3% damage for 3% energy
~Venusaur's Substitute blocks the attack (4% remaining)
~Tom's Attack increases.
~Venusaur uses Toxic on Tom, for 4% energy
~Tom is badly poisoned.
~Sana uses Toxic on Sceptile, for 4% energy
~Sceptile's Substitute blocks the attack.
~Grassy Terrain restores 1% health to all combatants.
Action 3
~Sceptile uses Acrobatics on Sana, dealing 18% damage for 6% energy
~Tom uses Facade on Sceptile, dealing (14Base * 1.16Boost) = 16% damage for 7% energy
~Sceptile's Substitute blocks the attack (4% remaining)
~Venusaur uses Venoshock on Tom, dealing (13Base * 1.25STAB * 1.5Type + 2EXP = 26% damage for 7% energy
~Sana uses Sludge Bomb on Sceptile, dealing (9Base * 1.25STAB * 1.5Type) = 17% damage for 6% energy
~Sceptile's Substitute blocks the attack, and breaks.
~Tom takes 1% damage from Toxic Poison
~Grassy Terrain restores 1% health to all combatants.
~Sana's Health: 100%Init - 18Acrobatics - 18Acrobatics + 2Grassy Terrain = 67% (Capped)
~Sana's Energy: 100%Init - 2Charm - 4Toxic - 6Sludge Bomb = 88%
~Tom's Health: 100%Init - 26Venoshock - 1Toxic + 1Grassy Terrain= 74%
~Tom's Energy: 100%Init - 2Fling - 3Power-up Punch - 7Facade = 88%
~Venusaur's Health: 100%Init - 10Substitute + 3Grassy Terrain = 93%
~Venusaur's Energy: 100%Init - 5Substitute - 4Toxic - 7Venoshock = 84%
~Venusaur's Substitute's Health: 10%Init - 3Fling - 3Power-up Punch = 4%
~Sceptile's Health: 100%Init - 20Substitute + 3Grassy Terrain = 83%
~Sceptile's Energy: 100%Init - 10Substitute - 6Acrobatics - 6Acrobatics = 78%
~Sceptile's Substitute's Health: 20%Init - 16Facade - 17Sludge Bomb = 0%
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[23:53:13] +0riginalTrainer: This is a direct result of the patriarchy.
[23:53:51] +J.D.Deuce: feminism is awesome
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[23:53:59] +Viscereal: loom/looms/loomself
[23:54:35] +0riginalTrainer: You white male cis scum, check you privilege. No matter how many documents you throw in front of me, the wage gap is real.
[23:54:58] +J.D.Deuce: you've been warned lol
[23:55:14] +B1SHARP: So you believe that fathers deserve the same leave after they have an at home newborn as mothers?
[23:55:40] +0riginalTrainer: So you believe that women should be drafted too?
[23:55:45] +B1SHARP: Yes
[23:55:45] +Viscereal: yes, when they have a baby shove itself through their dick they can get work off
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[23:55:51] +Superbird: you know what we need right now
[23:55:53] +Takron Galtos: That's not even standard yet.
[23:56:00] +0riginalTrainer: What I hate about feminism is that it turns a lot of male issues into female issues, then calls it feminism.
[23:56:02] +Viscereal: challenge cup round robin?
[23:56:03] +Superbird: a tourney to distract everyone from controvertial discussion
[23:56:03] @amr97: another tournament
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[23:56:08] +Superbird: NAILED IT
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