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Default Re: Poké Drama Island! v2

Pignite Aidan (The Large Ham) Male

"My name is AIDAN, TOUGHEST POKEMON IN THE SOUTHERN ISLES. I come here to win! BRING IT ON!" Immediately after saying this, he unleashed a Heat Crash, causing the camera to fizzle out.

Buneary Naomi (The Self Aware) Female

The camera shook a little before showing Naomi clearly. "Greetings. My name, as you should know, is Naomi. I'm a Buneary, in case you're too feeble minded to know that. But, if you're watching a show like this, odds are you hardly have any neurons left to lose.

" As you could no doubt see from my incredibly subtle example of who I am, I'm one snarky, cynical, sardonic, intelligently bitter, reality grounded Pokemon. With that comes a superiority complex, I get that. Point is, nothing will get past me. Even the not so subtle exposition everyone somehow ignores. Logically speaking, there's no way for me to lose. Of course, this is Poke Drama, and it's anything but logical."

With that, the camera clicked off.

(Aidan means small ember and Naomi means bitter. Naomi's pretty much the Noah while Aidan is the comic relief)
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