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Default This is what I do in my free time instead of reffing ASB or homework

So I have enjoyed drawing on paper a lot but, getting to college, have found myself without the use of a scanner, and (even though I hadn't really ever scanned/uploaded my drawings before) I found myself not drawing at all. So to remedy this, I bought myself a Wacom tablet for an early birthday present a couple of weeks ago, which came packaged with Photoshop Elements.

This is the product of about a week and a half's worth of drawing things, being unhappy with them, trashing them, and drawing new things (repeat ad infinitum). Eventually I resorted to tracing which I know is a big artist no-no, but coloring/shading was really what I was concerned with teaching myself anyway so whatevs. Here we go.

(I'm pretty sure if you click on them they should come up bigger in a second window.)

The original image

My lineart

Coloring (pre-shading)



(I'm totally new to this whole drawing-on-the-internet thing and it's been ages since I sprited, so I've forgotten most of what's good and what's not so just tell me if for example I shouldn't be saving as JPGs or if ImageShack is a bad host.)

(I'm still pretty unhappy with my large-area shading - esp. on the hat and jacket and skirt - and with my inability to draw straight lines. Any advice?)

Comments/criticisms totally desired!
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