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Default Re: This is what I do in my free time instead of reffing ASB or homework


Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
Anyyyhow. :| Okay, advice. Since you're working on the colouring; in the original image, there's a lot of blue. You took the background too, so there's a lot in your final as well. But you didn't use much blue in your colouring; you shaded Gaga with grays, which tends to look very un-life-like. Shading is always better when it's done with colours than with er, grays. And since the background is very blue, shading with blues would work well.
As far as coloring, I was trying to edit the colors I picked up with the eyedropper to make them kind of more yellow-er shades (but then at the last minute i decided to use the original background so all that blue made that go out the window) and I guess I kind of desaturated them somewhat too. When I was changing the original hues to darker ones I was kind of going toward the bottom-right corner of the color box (gah I know nothing so my explanations suck) but I guess I should have been going to the right without going down? or maybe down without going right i don't remember which side was desaturated and which side was darker but still saturated but yeah.

(Part of why I'm frustrated with myself is because I spent a year in a digital graphics class last year and learned all of this already and promptly forgot it by not using it for six months.)

ETA: and by the way if anyone's interested this is the tutorial I was using.
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