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Default Re: Wi-Fi Connection Help

My wi-fi connector has been increasingly schizophrenic of late, so today I uninstalled it and tried to put a fresh install of it on my computer. However, all attempts to do so have resulted in installation proceeding to the "Setting up connection sharing" stage, followed by an error message that reads "Internet sharing error.(6)," which causes the installation to display "application error" and then shut down.

A look into my device manager reveals that the connector shows up under network adapters, all drivers are installed, and the device is reported to be "working properly." So the connector itself is supposedly fine, but I can't get the registration program that controls it to install completely.

The network and sharing center on the computer tells me that there's a problem with the shared connection the adapter is trying to use, but says mysteriously that all I can do about it is "contact my network administrator," which is extremely unhelpful (knowing well the competency of my network administrator) and annoying because it worked just fine with the school network last year. Admittedly I haven't really tried fooling around with the connection settings a great deal yet to see if something got borked, somehow, when I uninstalled the previous adapter version, but I'm not optimistic.

Any help appreciated, obviously.
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