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Default The TCoD Youtube Awards

Well welcome to the TCoD Youtube Awards thread. Here you can post links to funny videos you saw whether they made you laugh cry or throw up. OR a combination of all three (it made you laugh so hard you threw up and started to cry). Please when you post videos think about others. At least 75% of the forums are animal lovers so don't post anything with animals being cruelfully treated (especially that rat getting shocked by those drunken idiots which pissed me off to no end). Well anyways have fun with it.

EDIT: Forgot this. All you do is post a link to a video and and rate it and stuff. You don't actually get an award although you do get your video link and name posted in this if you actually care.

Anyway, I'll start.

Dr. Tran

This video was absolutely hilarious and no matter how much I watch it I still laugh, cry then start coughing.

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by firepoke4ever
Castform looks like either a butt or boobs with a head attached to it.
I just have one thing to say... What the HELL are you talking about!?!?
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