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Default Re: Wi-Fi Connection Help

Originally Posted by Kratos Aurion View Post
Switching the laptop isn't going to do anything except change how well the laptop itself connects to the router. Do you mean you changed the router to WEP security? There are different types of WEP security options, so you'll need to make sure you're using the right kind, that you choose the right length password if you choose an option that requires a password (and you should)... what exactly did you try?
The router gives the PC it's connected to internet, as well as the laptop that is usually in the next room. I changed the router to WEP security to set up the WFC, and then tried to set it up on the laptop, as well.

I believe I changed the router to... 64-Bit WEP? It requires a 10-digit security code. I put the code into the laptop under "Shared" (under which WEP showed up) and entered the code, and the internet still didn't work.

Please tell me if I'm still not explaining clearly. ^_^;;
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