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Default Devrim Ranch.

Devrim Ranch.

somewhere in the depths of a massive forest, lies a wooden cabin full of wonders. built some time ago on a large piece of land, the little cabin supports two floors [fl.#1;business, fl.#2;owner's quarters], a screened in porch and a garden. though the property is quite sizable, the cabin is small compared to the land, but additions will be added as business increases. for now this area is a quaint little place to find a new friend.

inside the cabin is a small front room with a desk and fish tank. beyond that is a larger open area containing a small space with a sofa, chairs & bookshelves. along the back wall are many large enclosures that are decorated in plush pillows and toys. surrounding this den space is a kitchen on one side and a screened-in porch on the other. last there is a garden in the backyard that is surrounded by a stone wall that stands about three and a half feet tall. gracing the garden is a small pond, sandy area with heat rocks, and a cellar. along with various shrubs and flowers that litter the ground.

a small stream runs through the property and flows a few hundred feet away from the cabin. this stream leads out into a large pond that is nestled in an opening that graces the few acres of land. the dense forest provides much cover for roaming pokemon of the ranch and the wild along with providing a memorable visit.

you can't quite remember what first sparked the idea of an adventure through the woods, but with each passing tree it becomes less and less important. you are immersed into the infinitely varied shades of green. the dirt path that your soles beat upon is hardly viable with the looming branches. you careful push aside the delicate limbs as you increasingly move faster. the branches are thinning and your path becomes more distance with each step. you can now see clearly what this path was leading you to. a small cabin is nestled in-between many trees, shrubs, vines and all sorts of plant life that seems to have never been disturbed. the earth seemed to wrap the little wooded home in a light blanket of foliage.

when you approach the property you begin to notice the abundance of pokemon life around the home. in the distance a charmander is chasing a meowth across a wooden porch; the feline pokemon quite wittingly out maneuvering the lizard. as you watch them run your attention is adverted by a screen that, though hardly visible due to a wildly growing ivy, seems to hid motion behind it; the two playful pokemon well gone from your mind's wandering.

a voice calls out to you moments after your captured occasion. "hey!" she eagerly waves you over to the front porch; a very exhausted charmander resting in the girl's lap. "you must be here for the new hottest zone in town, right?" she gives a short chuckle, "i should say 'in the middle of nowhere', but anyway, i hope it wasn't hard to find us in that big ol' forest." gently she laid the slumbering lizard on a nice plush pillow. "come on inside. i'll give you a full run through of how things go on here at the Devrim Ranch."

the menu;

individual area.
-forest, $2 for 4; meadow, $2 for 4; pond, $3 for 5
-if all very commons are caught then price drops $1.
-pokemon with ability to dive is needed for some catches in pond.

entire zone.
- $5 for 12.
-if all very commons are caught then price drops $2.
-you can split the ball count whatever way you like for each area.
-pokemon with ability to dive is needed for some catches in pond.

- $4 for 7.
-must bring pokemon to play!
-if all very commons are caught then price drops $1.

extra $1 for rares. shinies are free.

the odds;

very common- %40 [1-80]
common- %30 [81-140]
uncommon- %20 [141-180]
rare- %7 [181- 194]
super-rare- %3 [195-200]

shinies- 1 in 700.
[please pm me if this needs changing!]

game type;
party PKMN;(if applies)

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