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Default Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Crision
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Species: Absol

Personality: Crision is older than most of the other Pokémon in the fight here. He is very wise. Whenever he is presented with a plan, he uses his powers to see danger to test if that plan would be successful. He doesn't speak much and doesn't divulge information about his past. He is very reserved; the most reserved in the group. However, he does care for his allies. He seems even more of a loner than normal Absol...

Appearance: Crision is like many Absol, with the exception that his head-gem is bright red. His fellow packmates shunned him for this reason. He also limps.

Biography: When Crision was born, he looked normal enough. He was like other Absol in the pack, he even had "friends," if you can call them that.

But, as he matured, his head-gem started to fade to red. This happened slowly, at first, and not many noticed. As it started getting more noticeable, however, the pack shunned him, fearing the gem would make them vulnerable to predators seeing them and causing them danger. He was forced to live by himself, in the city, scrounging around for what scraps he could find.

The city-folk were not too keen on having an Absol around town, "they're dangerous!" they said. Eventually Pokémon Control got called in and tried to shoot the Absol so it wouldn't disturb them anymore; it did hit, but only in his arm. He has walked with a limp ever since.

By then he was old enough to sustain himself on what he caught in the forest; with Starly, Bidoof and the occasional Shinx, he was always well fed.

Eventually he happened upon a Pokémon that seemed quite interested in him; he chased Crision down just to talk. Crision couldn't run as well; otherwise the Croagunk would have never caught up. It wanted to recruit Crision, for a cause - a cause of wiping humans off the earth. Crision considered this for a moment, and asked the Croagunk where they were stationed if he wanted to join. The Croagunk said that the armies were collected near Lake Acuity at the moment.

After a few days of consideration, Crision went to Lake Acuity and spoke to the recruitment officer. He was accepted, and played a fairly good part in taking over Hearthome later. He has been a part of the forces ever since.

Other: Sees Klara as "cute" and naďve, but dislikes her bubbliness.

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