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Default Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Silbermähne "Syl" Stahlkrallen
Age: 17
Gender: He.
Species: Sandslash.
Personality: He's very concerned about his honour and holds others to the standards set by the manifesto of his kind. He considers himself a heartless, trained fighter, though deep down he doubts he could live with the guilt of taking another life. Despite his cold façade, he's somewhat sensitive. He hates the enemies of his friends, and is very driven by his emotions, usually rage.

Appearance: Somewhat stocky for a sandslash, with large, tough claws that earned him his last name. His mane is somewhat long and his feet are large. Most notable of all is his albinism, which earned him his first name. He has a more upright posture than most sandslashes, though it's not very noticeable as he's still relatively slouched. His eyes are usually at a slight squint, as he's especially sensitive to light, and the whiskers on his face are somewhat unkempt. He's an odd mix between formidable, proper, and wild.

Biography: Born and raised in Sinnoh's Route 228, in the largest sandslash colony in the region. He spent most of his young life in discipline so that he could eventually become the clan leader. He became something of a legend among his peers thanks to his unique colouration and his above-average fighting skills. With any luck, he would've become the clan leader... that is, if his colony had managed to survive the attack. The mountainous composition of route 228 proved to be an ideal spot to create a makeshift base for humans as they defended themselves from pokémon nearby that had been invigorated by talk of revolution. The sandslash colony decided to remain neutral on the matter, but since they inhabited the same area as the humans and were indeed pokémon, they were quickly annihilated with only a handful of survivors. One such was Syl, who managed to make his way to Hearthome thanks to the aid of a friendly flygon nearby.
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