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Default Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

Name: Gadolin (sometimes referred to as "Gado")
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Bisharp

Personality: Gadolin is fanatically devoted to the Empire, and hates humans with a vehement fury. He serves as one of Alois' personal bodyguards, and will stop at nothing to see his master's will fulfilled. Gadolin worships Alois, and believes he will be the one to restore order to the world and usher in a new age where Pokémon have control over humans.

Because of Gadolin's single-minded zealotry and intimidating demeanor, he has very few friends outside of the Empire's inner circle. Gadolin rarely expresses any kind of joy, and may appear cold and emotionless to others. Occasionally though, he will lose his temper and become quite angry with others. When this happens, others tend to avoid him, as he can quickly become violent and unpredictable.

Appearance: Gadolin is relatively tall for his species, but aside from this, he looks like a regular Bisharp. Gadolin likes to keep his blades sharp and well-polished, as he never knows when he might need to use them.

Biography: Gadolin was once the leader of a ruthless band of Pawniard that would hunt its prey in the Unova region. One day, however, a group of trainers from the Sinnoh region ambushed the group, fighting off the Pawniard until one of them was able to capture their Bisharp leader. Gadolin was taken away from his pack and forced to move to Veilstone City, where his trainer prepared him for battling. Whenever Gadolin refused to obey commands, his trainer would take him to fight the strongest trainers in the Veilstone Gym, whose fighting-type Pokémon would humiliate Gadolin by defeating him easily. Gadolin's trainer would try to crush his spirit in order to force him into compliance.

One day, however, Gadolin decided he'd had enough. When his trainer took him out of his Poké Ball to feed him, Gadolin tackled his trainer to the ground, and with a swift motion of his arm, cut his trainer's throat. The man's dying screams caused his neighbors to call the police, and before long, they were at the scene with a team of police Arcanine. Gadolin tried to fight them off, but they were too much for him. It didn't take long for them to knock him out.

When Gadolin woke up, he was in the custody of Pokémon Control, locked away in a cell designed to hold violent Pokémon such as him. After a few days of waiting in total solitude and having his meals delivered through a hole in the thick iron door, Gadolin overheard two humans talking. For murdering his trainer, Gadolin would be executed, as per city orders.

Days passed, and soon weeks passed. Gadolin knew his fate, and yet was forced to wait in isolation until the day approached. During this time, his hatred for humanity only grew stronger. He had no remorse for the crime he had committed, and would have repeated it many times over if given the opportunity.

One morning, before the sun had risen, Gadolin was jolted awake by his cell door being slammed open. He expected to see a human figure in the doorway, but this was not the case. Instead, he was greeted with the outline of a Sylveon standing quietly in its metal frame. The Sylveon greeted Gadolin by his name, and told him that Veilstone City was no longer under the tyranny of the human race. The Sylveon explained that he was free to go, however, if he wanted to join the Empire in creating a better and brighter future for Pokémon, he was more than welcome to become a part of it. The Sylveon, who introduced himself as Alois, had heard of Gadolin's great deed and was rather impressed. He wanted Gadolin to be a part of the Empire's inner circle, and serve as his personal bodyguard. Gadolin accepted this offer almost immediately, seeing it as the perfect opportunity for him to take his revenge on humanity.

Other: Alois has entrusted Gadolin a small team of Pawniard, known as the Crimson Blades. Gadolin sometimes uses this team to carry out field operations, and will often send them scouting to gather information on the humans. The Blades report directly to Gadolin, so anything they uncover can be kept secret from the rest of the inner circle if Gadolin chooses not to report it.
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