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Default Re: [OPEN] More Than Human: Golden Opportunity

This sounds fun, could I possibly reserve a spot? It's really late for me and I have class tomorrow, so I'll write up a character as soon as I get back.

Name: Naerse
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Honedge

Personality: Naerse is the epitome of a depressed soul. He believes himself to be the spirit of a long dead Chatot trapped inside a ghostly sword, unable to break free, unable to speak as he once did. This is not the average kind of depression; it is absolute depression, the crushing weight of sadness that leads into shameful ignorance. Naerse puts on the airs of one who is excessively happy, playful, impulsive and joyful. The only time he is never such is when he furiously polishes and sharpens his blade against a nearby rock or boulder, vocalizing that he will cut through Mount Coronet and to the other side.
All empty shows, as one who is truly content with themselves would not burst with enthusiasm as Naerse does just to attempt and scrape meaning from the world. He feels that everything is empty without him, and he must free himself for the good of the world, and when the time comes he would willingly destroy all he knows and loves to accomplish that.
The world needs him, and he needs to tell them that. No, he needs to show them that.

Though sometimes, just sometimes- Naerse would never let himself accept it- he enjoys having fun with others. He enjoys the act he puts on as if it were beyond a performance and something intrinsic to him. But he can never bear to think that he would interact so joyfully with Pokemon who could never understand him.

Appearance: Naerse has a a slightly shorter and more rounded blade(Something he attributes to having been a Chatot). His single pupil is elongated to near the edges of his iris, much like a cat’s eye. The iris itself is less of a milky blue than others of his kind, instead being a lighter than normal navy blue. The sash that erupts from his blade's grip is frayed and tattered, with small tears lining the four finger-like protrusions and dirt and grime having darkened the light blue swirl around the so called palm. Nobody ever sees the grit and dirt collected from years of solitary survival because he hold his sheathe at all times, never electing to protect his blade.

Biography: Naerse believes he is the spirit of a Chatot trapped inside this ghostly sword, something that may or may not be true. For years he has wandered the countryside, completely alone, contemplating the forces that willed him into being trapped in such a prison. He forever shunned any Pokemon that attempted to interact with him; often turning the more interested into his meals, though not without a loathing look at what he had done.
He justifies that he interacted with humans much more than he did with Pokemon in his time as a Chatot, and feels out of place amongst other Pokemon. Upon wandering for ages and ages, subsisting and surviving alone, while struggling with his own sense of purpose, he turned to the only fond memories he had left.

The humans did this. The humans had to cheer him and favour him and turn him into one of their little pets, their little toys. The humans gave him a perspective he could never explain to his kind, gave him an undercurrent of hatred for those who didn’t regard his ideals as perfect, because the Pokemon could have never understood. The humans where why he was reborn into such a soundless prison, a mind that could only grunt and swirl and project what his thoughts should be, something that could not speak with the humans. Something that shattered the way of life he led before.

He was founded by Alois’ forces, lying battered and bruised after attempting to cut open Mount Coronet, rationalizing that all the answers were on the other side. He twisted his beliefs into vengeance against the humans, without knowing that he seeks catharsis he can never achieve by doing so.

Other: sword

This is my first time doing this, so feel free to critique and provide feedback. I have no idea if I've messed up already or not ;~;

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