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Default JackPK vs The Omskivar

JackPK vs The Omskivar


Format: 2v2 single
Style: Clearly switch
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 40%
Banned/Restricted Moves: Direct healing plus anything requested by whoever accepts this challenge
Arena Description: The Stop ‘N’ Swop Shop

The Stop ‘N’ Swop Shop has everything anyone could ever want to stop ‘n’ swap something for… while shopping. In the back rooms of the shop are countless shelves, each filled with a vast number of Mystery Eggs. As the battlers fight their way through this labyrinth of capitalism, the Mystery Eggs will react to their presence and give them the stopping ‘n’ swapping they need!

At the end of each round, some random Pokemon will hatch from eggs near the battlers. These Pokemon will use Skill Swap and Trick, with the result that each battler gets a random new Ability and a random new item. Yes these Pokemon hatch holding items. No you can't ask why.

Fine print: Items have only their in-battle effects — for instance, a Moon Stone randomly Tricked onto a Nidorina cannot allow it to evolve, nor will a Lucky Egg randomly Tricked onto something give it any extra EXP. A switched-out Pokemon will retain the Ability and item that have most recently been swapped onto it. Every Ability and item can be swapped even if normal gameplay would say otherwise (like Wonder Guard or a Plate). The battlers can't avoid having their Ability and item swapped at the end of the round.

Also of note: every Mystery Egg is a different mystery! This means after any Ability or item has been randomly chosen by the ref, it can't be chosen again. This is a high quality Stop ‘N’ Swop Shop with a wide selection, not one of those cheap knockoffs from down the street that just has like fifty Vulpix eggs and nothing else.
JackPK's active squad

spinarak Gwen the female Spinarak <Insomnia> @ Red Card
froakie Sheena the female Froakie <Torrent> @ Lucky Egg
inkay Reynolds the male Inkay <Contrary> @ Eviolite
doublade Lancelot the male Doublade <No Guard> @ Dusk Stone
budew Louise the female Budew <Poison Point> @ Shiny Stone
zorua Luke the male Zorua <Illusion> @ Lucky Egg
kangaskhan Judge Judy the female Kangaskhan <Scrappy> @ Moon Stone
buneary Bun Two Three Four the female Buneary <Run Away> @ Soothe Bell

The Omskivar's active squad

lotad Grockle the male Lotad <Swift Swim>
snubbull Tickle the female Snubbull <Intimidate> @ Lucky Egg
tepig Porkpie the female Tepig <Blaze>
buneary Peaches the female Buneary <Run Away> @ Soothe Bell
elekid Rerun the male Elekid <Static> @ Chesto Berry
gothita Marilyn the male Gothita <Competitive>
psyduck Howard the female Psyduck <Cloud Nine>
geodude Klodd the male Geodude <Rock Head> @ Lucky Egg
drowzee Khidr the male Drowzee <Insomnia> @ Lucky Egg
stunky Rhiannon the female Stunky <Stench> @ Lucky Egg

  • JackPK sends out!
  • The Omskivar sends out and commands!
  • JackPK commands!
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