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Default Re: JackPK vs The Omskivar

Okay, I was hoping for a little more set-up on the part of our opponent, but since Tickle will be attacking right out of the gate, go ahead and drop your illusion to surprise her!


Hopefully, while she's surprised, you'll be better able to push her buttons with a Torment. Then use a one-action Bounce to avoid the Power-Up Punch.

On the last action, she should be unable to use Power-Up Punch again because of the Torment. If for some reason the Torment didn't work, though, (or if she didn't attempt Power-Up Punch while you were Bouncing), use Protect. If the Torment did work, then a Hyper Voice ought to do nicely. If you don't know whether the Torment worked or not, then wait for her to start acting and throw up the Protect shield at the last moment if it turns out she's using Power-Up Punch. If you can't reactively use Protect that fast, then just take the hit and use Hyper Voice.

drop illusion + Torment ~ one-action Bounce ~ Hyper Voice/Protect
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