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Default JackPK vs The Omskivar: Round 1

The story continues…

A bell on the door jingles quietly as we enter the cramped, dimly-lit shop. Inside, the air is stuffy and thick with swirling dust. Countless gangly shelves fill the room, buckling under the weight of assorted curiosities and junk: statuettes, bowls, hats, a giant glass key, and a variety of expired battle items. A worn sign, dangling precariously from the ceiling, reads “MORE ITEMS IN THE BACK”.

The shopkeeper, a grim-looking old woman hunched behind the checkout counter, watches us suspiciously. Jack slips her a handful of asbucks and whispers something; she gives him a curt nod and disappears discreetly into one of the back rooms. Meanwhile, the Omskivar and I casually inspect the items on display.

“Look at this thing”, says the Omskivar, picking up a grimy Wonder Launcher. “It’s ancient!”

I chuckle. “Yeah, it’s pretty old. Doesn’t look like anyone’s gone shopping here for years.”

“I’m not surprised.” He puts the Launcher back on the shelf, stirring up a whiff of dust. “In fact, I’m amazed we even found our way here. This shop sure is well hidden…”

“So!” Jack interrupts, stepping up behind us. “What do you think?” He gestures around the room.

“Well…” I hesitate to reply. “It’s quite… It’s quite mundane, isn’t it? I mean, not that I’m complaining“ – I sweep away a large clump of dust with my foot – “but these days, everyone’s all about simulated holodrome battles in space and stuff.”

Jack grins. “You haven’t seen the back yet.” He produces a glass key from his pocket, a smaller replica of the one on the shelf. “Here, let me show you.”

We follow him through the store, weaving awkwardly between the shelves so as not to bump into anything. Finally we reach a door labelled “STORAGE”. Jack unlocks it and ushers us inside.

The storage room is massive. Rows of pallet racks extend in every direction, as far as the eye can see, stacked several stories high. Filling the racks are eggs – thousands and thousands of eggs, of all colors and sizes. A single row of humming fluorescent tubes illuminates the nearest racks, but most of the hall is unlit.

“It’s amazing, right?” Jack closes the door behind us; it shuts with a metallic groan that echoes into the depths of the storeroom. “Found this place the other day, and my first thought was that it would be perfect for a battle!”

“Of course it was”, I groan. “Now send your Pokémon out so I can get paid.”

ROUND 1: A Swopping Opponent!


Bun Two Three Four ♀ <Run Away> soothe-bell
HEALTH: 100%
ENERGY: 100%
STATUS: Looking around excitedly.

Torment ~ Bounce ~ Hyper Voice / Protect


Tickle ♀ <Intimidate> lucky-egg
HEALTH: 100%
ENERGY: 100%
STATUS: Glowering.

Rock Smash / Bulk Up / Bulldoze ~ Power-Up Punch / Bulk Up / Bulldoze ~ Power-Up Punch / Bulk Up / Bulldoze

Audience Status:
There are no spectators for this battle. Audience Status will not appear.

Arena Status:
It’s cold in here… and quiet. Too quiet. What’s with all the eggs, anyway? This place is creeping me out – let’s just get this over with, okay?


Bun Two Three Four, Jack’s fluffy little Buneary, bounces up and down expectantly. Opposite her is Tickle, the Omskivar’s surly Snubbull. They lock eyes, ready to fight. But just as Tickle is about to charge, something strange happens: Bun’s body flickers and distorts, then vanishes in a puff of black smoke. In her place stands a young Zorua, his pristine fur glistening in the lamplight. Tickle’s jaw drops in surprise.

"You have no idea what’s going on, do you?" Luke says with a smug grin. "Look at you. You don't even know who you’re fighting."

For a moment, Tickle merely gapes at him, struggling to understand what’s happening – then she explodes into furious barking and snapping. She leaps at Luke, aiming for his legs; he tries to sidestep, but her paw strikes his hip with a dull thud. He cries out in pain and darts away, the smirk wiped from his face.

"I don't think it worked", says Luke, rubbing his bruise.

"I think it did", says Jack. He points at Tickle, who is growling and clenching her fists, circling Luke slowly. "Or you might just have made her angry.”

Tickle snarls and lunges at him again, but this time Luke is faster – he springs into the air just as her fist swishes past, and a second later he comes crashing down on her back, slamming her hard into the floor. She grunts with pain, but manages to shake him off and clamber to her feet. Luke braces himself, expecting another attack, but Tickle merely grumbles and crosses her arms.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” yells the Omskivar. “He’s right there, hit him!”

“And make myself look like a fool again?” Tickle shakes her head vigorously. “Nuh-uh. I ain’t stupid.”

The Omskivar groans and rubs his temples.

Luke, meanwhile, sees the perfect opportunity to strike. He takes a deep breath, filling his lungs until they feel like they're about to burst - and lets out an earsplitting scream. The deafening noise is so loud that it knocks Tickle over and sends her tumbling down the aisle, and it nearly topples the surrounding pallet racks. Jack, the Omskivar and I cover our ears as best we can, but the cry continues to reverberate in the storeroom for a full ten seconds, sending rumbling vibrations through the floor.

At last, the echoes seem to die away, plunging the room into silence again. But something feels off.

“Did – did that one just move?” I point a shaky finger at one of the eggs.

“They’re all moving”, Jack replies.

Something cracks loudly behind me.

Eggs Hatching!

On the nearest shelf, one of the smaller eggs – white with bright pink spots – shakes and splinters, leaking a rich, sweet scent into the room. In stunned silence we watch the egg break open. A baby Swirlix crawls out of it, blinking its eyes at us and squealing meekly. Before anyone can say anything, a second egg, this one big and gray and craggy, splits open too; as soon as it does, the metal shelves surrounding us creak ominously, seeming to bend downward slightly. A tiny, disoriented Nosepass climbs out, sniffing the air loudly.

Upon catching sight of Luke, the Swirlix lets out a shrill yap, hops off the shelf and waddles toward him. It begins to emit a strange, purple glow, entrancing Luke and wafting its sweet scent over to him. The Nosepass follows suit, wobbling its way up to Tickle and hypnotizing her with the same mysterious glow, causing her fur to bristle with electricity.

Suddenly, the Swirlix grabs Luke’s item pouch and sprints away with a gleeful squeak, dropping a lumpy green berry behind it. Luke snaps out of his trance, but the baby is gone, disappeared into the labyrinth of shelves. The Nosepass, too, swipes away Tickle’s pouch and runs, holding on to it with its clumsy block-hands. Tickle barks and starts to give chase, but stops when she realizes that the Nosepass gave her something: a tiny Moon Stone, pressed into her paw.

“I, uh… I’m not sure what just happened”, I say. “But if you wanna call it quits – “

“No, no!” Jack interrupts. “This is all part of the fun! It keeps things unpredictable, right?”

“He’s not wrong”, says the Omskivar, shrugging.

I throw my hands up and sigh. “Sure, whatever”, I mutter. “Second week on the job, stick me with these guys… No problem… ”


End of ROUND 1.


Luke ♂ <Sweet Veil> rindo-berry
STATUS: Sniffing his fur. It suddenly smells very sugary…
Has Sweet Veil and a Rindo Berry.

Torment ~ Bounce ~ Hyper Voice


Tickle ♀ <Magnet Pull> moon-stone
STATUS: Shuddering with discomfort. First she’s humiliated, and now this. Starting to wish she could just drop out of the battle.
Tormented (2 more actions). Has Magnet Pull and a Moon Stone.

Rock Smash ~ Power-Up Punch (dodged!) ~ (nothing)

Arena Status:
Everything is eerily still... for now. In the distance, quiet cracking sounds can be heard. No sign of the two babies. Just how big is this place anyway..?


Rock Smash: -6% (base damage 4%, super effective)
Bounce: -7% (base damage 8.5%, -1 Attack)
Hyper Voice: -9% (base damage 9%)
Torment: -3% (base cost 4%, gets STAB)
Bounce: -9% (base cost 4.25%, has secondary effect, single-action penalty)
Hyper Voice: -5% (base cost 4.5%)
Rock Smash: -3% (base cost 2%, has secondary effect)
Power-Up Punch: -3% (base cost 2%, has secondary effect)
Rock Smash (secondary effect): Rolled 31/100, needed above 50. Failure…
Rock Smash (critical hit): Rolled 5/10, needed 10. Failure…
Bounce: Rolled 82/100, needed above 15. Success!
Bounce (secondary effect): Rolled 59/100, needed above 70. Failure…
Bounce (critical hit): Rolled 2/10, needed 10. Failure…
Hyper Voice (critical hit): Rolled 7/10, needed 10. Failure…

Other Notes:
  • The following abilities will not randomly appear in future rounds: Sweet Veil, Magnet Pull.
  • The following items will not randomly appear in future rounds: Rindo Berry, Moon Stone.
  • The Attack drop from Intimidate was in effect during the round, but disappeared when Tickle lost Intimidate.
  • Cancelling Illusion prematurely to surprise your opponent? I like it! If Luke wasn’t already faster, that might’ve let him get the drop on his opponent. It’s the kind of trick that’s unlikely to work more than once, though. Remember, guys: if you’re ever unsure of how I would ref something or whether a certain tactic would work, you can ask me!
  • Rock Smash isn’t really the right move to target someone’s feet with; it’s for breaking through the opponent’s shell/armor/hide. Besides, have you ever tried punching someone in the foot? It’s really hard!
  • JackPK commands first next round.
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