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Default Re: JackPK vs The Omskivar

Here we go, Luke! We're in kind of a bad spot, since a big chunk of Tickle's movepool is super effective against you, but let's give it our best shot!

First things first: we have the disadvantage of commanding first, so I think we have a bit of license to be a little cheap to try to make up for that disadvantage. So at any point during the round, if you see Tickle preparing a Fighting-type move or Play Rough, use a one-action Bounce to avoid it.

With that stipulation out of the way, it's time for some attempt at a strategy. That Rindo Berry is useless for either of you, and the Moon Stone will provide a precious trickle of regeneration (until it gets swapped away) for whoever has it. So be mischievous by dropping your berry and using Thief to take the stone! If Thief wouldn't be successful for whatever reason (Protect, Dig, etc), be mischievous in a different way with Nasty Plot.

On action two, I bet that being mischievous like that made you pretty happy! If you're pretty happy, use Return! If you Bounced instead of being mischievous, use Spite on whatever Tickle tried to do! And if you're not pretty happy but you also didn't Bounce, then just do a one-action Bounce now! (Also do a one-action Bounce in case of a Fighting-type move or Play Rough as detailed above.)

Finally, that Hyper Voice was pretty great, so end the round by reprising it! If it would be useless for whatever reason (Protect, Dig, etc), then wait until after Tickle moves, and then put yourself in a strategic position next round with Double Team. (Again, one-action Bounce is still an option as detailed above.)

If you're Taunted, default to the one-action Bounce on actions one and two. If you're Taunted on action three, default to Hyper Voice, but use Bounce to dodge an incoming Fighting-type move or Play Rough.

Bounce/drop berry + Thief/Nasty Plot ~ Bounce/Return/Spite ~ Bounce/Hyper Voice/wait + Double Team
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